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[Fic] The Simple Life - Chapter 18

Author: Me >w<

Pairing: Akame / Takizawa Hideaki/Kame (for now)

Rating: NC – 17

Genre: Romance, Humour, Action (Violence)

Disclaimer : The story is inspired from the drama Last Friends(just a little).

Summary: Everyone always tries to hide his true personality. When someone is vulnerable it’s better to wear a mask, to play and overplay, just to prove that everything is fine. This is an encounter between two souls, a man without real purpose and another one whose life is already mapped out.
Still unbetaed ^^

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Chapter 18

Kazuya was feeling down lately, Jin noticed. He wanted to ask him why, but for an unknown reason, he knew he shouldn't ask.

If only he knew.

Kazuya's days were filled with fake smiles, sad faces and sighs. Jin had blamed Takki at first, since it all started right after he came back from the combini 3 days ago.

But something didn't feel right.

The guy wasn't going anywhere near Kazuya. He was weirdly cheerful, smiling and working, not really caring about them. Koki and Tatsuya were eyeing him suspiciously, kind of surprised that the later wasn't trying anything to get close to Kazuya. They knew Jin and Kazuya were more than close friends, but didn't ask about it, feeling relieved that the situation had gotten better but something was off.

Like an upcoming, bombing storm.

"Ok, you need to tell me what's wrong, Kazuya." Jin had his arms crossed and was waiting for him to get off the truck.

"Nothing, why are you asking ? I just feel tired." He went past him to take a brush and clean the big wheels full of dead herbs.

"You're not, you act weird, and if something's wrong, please tell me."

"I'm telling you it's nothing, do you want me to make something up to make you feel better ?" Kazuya had spat back, a bit annoyed and Jin flinched at the sudden tone, narrowing his eyes.

He was about to answer when he felt his cellphone vibrate. He hadn't received many calls since he came here. His friends were busy with uni and he didn't feel like telling them what was going on here.

"You fat ASS, do you even call your friends ? Were you waiting for me to call ? You dumb bitch! I thought you were dead, fuckface!" He heard Pi yell like a mad middle-aged woman and sighed.

"Hello to you too, Pi."

Kazuya was back to cleaning the wheels, but his attention was directed to the conversation. He needed to confirm this, no matter what.

"Oh no, don't Hello me! I had a fucking hard time with exams so okay, OKAY, I know you're in a farm, but how can you spend this much time without calling us! Ryo almost took the bloody train to come and beat your fat ass. Fat ASS!"

"You could have called sooner, I'm the one working everyday in a farm you know." He shrugged and took a leaf from the ground, playing with it.

"I could yeah, I COULD. Anyway, wassup ? Yasu has been asking about you almost everyday, you know." He could almost see Pi's eyebrows wriggled.

"Yasu did ? I was kinda busy, with work, you know. Aren't you supposed to be on break next week ?" Jin looked at Kazuya who was still concentrating on his task.

"Yeah, he wanted to see you. Oh, yes next week. Want us to come and see you? if it's okay for your boss."

Jin flinched again.

"My boss is not the most delicate person."

"Old people these days..." Pi was sighing, shaking his head.

Kazuya took the brush and hit it against the tall tree next to them to clean it before putting it back inside the truck. He had gave up on getting anything from this call. Peeking wasn't his thing anyway. Jin saw Junno and Maru wave at him from far and nodded at them, smiling. Kazuya saw them and went to them.

"You still here pig face ?" Pi was growing impatient.

"Yes! Things here are complicated. I'm..let's say, close, to one of the owners." He had blurred it, scared that someone might hear it.

"Oh! Wait, you're on speaker, Ryo just got here. You fuck a guy even in a farm ?" He could hear Ryo laugh at him and saying something about Jin being a pervert.

"We didn't fuck! It's not like that, really." Jin knew it would be a waste trying to explain them.

"Are you inlove ?" Ryo's hoarse voice rose from afar.

"What's wrong with you ?"

"Nothing's wrong in asking. It's unusual of you to be "close" without physical contact." Pi was looking at Ryo who agreed.

"Well, being close with physical contact didn't do me well in the past, you know." Jin rolled his eyes.

"Oh yeah, speaking of which, I called you to talk about this precisely." Jin's heart stopped.

"About what ? Her ?" Jin didn't like where this was going.

"Yeah. I heard she came back in town. She's dating a guy from this uni. I'm sure I saw them yesterday. They looked happy." Pi felt unsure. He knew things were complicated, yet this was too messy to be left out of his life.

"Good for her."

"You're not asking about...?"

"I'm not asking, don't tell me." Jin shook his head.
"Don't be a prick! Just so you know. I heard she was living alone, and was a stripper in a night-club. Didn't see the little puppy though." Ryo's voice rose again. Apparently they had made some research about it.

Jin knew exactly who was the "little puppy".

"Anyway, as your bestfriends, we thought we should tell you. Just do whatever you want with this information, just like you've been doing for 4 years." He knew this tone.

It was the same tone his dad used when he got mad at him.

"Yes, thank you. Don't know what I can do from here anyway, but thanks."

"Yeah right...About next week, you should try to come for a couple of days. You can stay with us, your dad won't know about it. Just try to sneak out. We miss you baby!" He could hear them kiss the phone.

"Fuck you. I'll see what I can do."

Just as he was about to hung up, he saw Koki appear in front of him and literaly jumped.

"God you scared the shit out of me." He hold his heart and Koki put his hands together, apologizing.

"Kame told me to take you with me. We need to go the another farm not far from here. We need to get some tools we landed them.

"Take me with you ? Why ?"

"No idea, come on."

He eyed Kazuya from where he was, wondering what could be so wrong with him suddenly.

"Don't worry, I told Junno and Maru to stay with him and call me if needed." Koki winked at him and smiled, not saying more.


Koki was driving while rapping about mafia and girls and money. Jin was looking out the window, sighing.

"Something's off with Kame." Jin stopped, looking at him.

"I know. He won't tell me though."

"Let him marinate. I know him, he's gonna burst and tell you anyway. Just wait."

"I don't want him to 'marinate', he's gonna yell at me and such." Jin made a face.

"Well, he's stubborn, but don't think too much about it. It's not like you did something bad anyway, right ?" Koki nodded, his smile appearing once more.

The thing was that even if he did, he wouldn't even know.
This farm was nice. Smelly, but nice.

"They take care of pigs only, that's where it comes from." Koki was waving his hand in front of his face as they were putting the tools back in the car.

"I'm glad we don't have any at the farm." He had trouble breathing and he heard the other one laugh before feeling him pat his back, getting back in the car.

"You're so precious, Jin."

"Just not used to this." He had answered simply.


He was still thinking about the call he got earlier. Why did it bothered him that much anyway ? He had cut all contacts with them, so why talking about it ?

Maybe because she was back in town. He was scared.

He didn't notice Kazuya watching him from the barn, and jumped again when Maru's hand patted him.

"Do you not know how to let somebody know before appearing ?" He shook his head.

"Oi! I called your name twice!" Maru was pointing his finger at him and Jin looked at him before shrugging.

"You look troubled, Kazuya looks troubled, and everything's weird today. What's happening ?" He knew Maru was a kind man, and he was thankful that everybody here was gentle, yet he didn't feel like talking about Kazuya again.

"Nothing, Kazuya looks annoyed, I don't know why." He heard Maru say a faint "eeh", before looking at the said man, nodding slowly.

"Don't think about it too much, Kazuya is s-"

"Stubborn, yeah I know.." He sighed again and Maru laughed.

"If you can grumble and pout, I guess you're okay." He patted him again and told him about going out to get his sister and leaving work earlier today.

Jin waved at him and got up, going to Kazuya who was trying to make himself as busy as he could.

"What should I do ?" He had said simply and the younger one noticed his plain tone.

"Get the wood." Kazuya amost ordered and he rose a brow.

"Excuse me ?" He said.

"I said, get the wood." He wasn't even looking at him.

He shouldn't act like this. He should simply tell him about his conversation with Takki and he would tell him it's not true and then would kiss and everything would be alright.

He was scared of his answer.

He felt Jin's hand on his arm and flinched, jerking his arm a bit too violently and missed the look of hurt in Jin's eyes.

They didn't speak for 4 more days.

It was early when Jin's cellphone rang again. The man was in the shower and Kazuya tried to ignore it but it rang again and he sighed, looking at the buzzing device. It stopped and he was about to put it down when it vibrated again. The message could be seen on the screen and Kazuya knew it was wrong to look at it, but he just couldn't help himself.

Stop sleeping and call me back ASAP. It said. It was from this guy called "Pi". He wondered what could be so important when it vibrated again.

It's about the puppy, you better call me, bitch!

The puppy ? Kazuya looked puzzled. A puppy. He was more than puzzled now.

He put it back next to the bed and got up, streching. It became a sort of habit between them. Kazuya would wake Jin up, the latter would grunt and go in the bathroom while Kazuya prepared breakfast and he would shower when Jin finished.

They became masters at avoiding each other yet Jin was still doing his best to make sure he wouldn't be left alone for too long in the house.

Today was diferent though. He had decided to peek behind the door after Jin got back into the room. He shouldn't have but well, he did. He heard the latter talk.

"So early, fuck Pi, what's so important ?" Jin was trying to keep his voice down, and it annoyed him even more. What was he hiding anyway ?

"What ? What can I do ? So be it! Listen Pi, I didn't have a word to say 4 years ago, I don't know what more I can do now. What ? Are you serious ? I can't! I'm a terrible son, a terrible brother. I'd be a horrible dad, you know it. Plus, she won't let me. Well call the police, I don't know! I'm hanging up. Yeah right."

Kazuya's heart was beating way faster than usual. So it was true. Jin had a child. And a girlfriend. His head began to spin and he saw the door open before hecould move. Jin was right behind it.

"Need anything ?" He asked, worried.

"No, forgot something in the room. I guess it can wait". He turned around and suddenly, he felt like throwing up.


Kazuya's mood got worse and worse, and Jin didn't know what to do with it. He was mostly being ordered all day. He couldn't get used to it, just like he couldn't get used to Kazuya sleeping on the floor, telling him the bed was way too small for both of them, and he was even less happy with the fact that Kazuya avoided all physical contact with him.

He had asked him about taking two days off the week after this one, and he had agreed.

It was later that evening that they got their first real fight. Jin was trying to sleep when his cellphone rang. He looked at the ID and put it down, grunting.

It rang a second time, and a third time, and Kazuya lost it.

"Can you answer this call ? I'm trying to sleep, you know."

Jin sighed and took the still buzzing device.

"What ?" Was the only thing he said. He heard Ryo's voice.

"I'm currently in a night-club and guess who I see ?" Loud music could be heard.

"I have no idea." He rubbed his face. The room was so silent.

"Come on, you know it." Ryo sounded drunk, and Jin wanted to slap him for calling so late.

"Oh yeah, I don't care, that's what I wanted to say." He corrected, his voice deep.

"Come on...I heard she wasn't only stripping for men. She takes them to her flat too. Sounds pretty bad."

"And ?"

He didn't notice Kazuya looking at him in the dark room.

"And you don't care if your daughter lives with a mother who fucks men every nights ?"

He wanted to go out of the room, but he saw Kazuya get up and open the window, taking a cigarette from his jean. Going out now would make him even more suspicious.

"I don't. Look Ryo, I talked to Pi about this already. There is nothing I can do. Stop calling me if it's about this." He sat on the bed and scratched his head.

"Fuck Jin! We're talking about your daughter, for fuck's sake! Stop acting like a kid! While you're having fun at this farm with this guy, your child is having a hard time! She didn't ask for this, you know." Ryo sounded angry and Jin decidedto blame it on the alcohol.

"Let her do whatever she wants, okay ? Even if I try to do something, you know what's waiting for me. I don't want this. I didn't want this, and I'll never want this. This is the last time you'll hear me talk about them. I'm hanging up, I have work to do tomorrow." He almost throw the phone on the bed and saw Kazuya supporting himself on the window, blowing smoke.

"It sounds bad." He said, tapping the cigarette slowly to get some ash off it.

"Not that much." He didn't even convinced himself.

"Right.." Kazuya snorted and Jin got up.

"I really don't need this right now."

"What are you hiding, Jin ?"

Kazuya was taking another puff, his eyes piercing.

"Oh, so you're talking to me again ?" Jin was really frustrated right now.

"I am. I'm tired to be treated like a fool. Something's happening and you don't want to tell me."

"It's not like you have to know about it."

Kazuya smiled. Yeah, he forgot he was nothing to him. Jin saw how much he had hurt him right now, but this was going beyond his own control.

"I don't. You're right. Sharing a bed with you doesn't give me the right to ask for answers." He spat ironically.

"Well technically, we're not sharing the same bed anymore." He pointed at the floor and Kazuya throw the cigarette's butt outside, blowing smoke one last time.

"I talked with Takki. Some days ago." He blurted out, closing the window slowly.

"What did he said this time ?" More and more problems emerging. Jin was going crazy.

"Nothing about me actually. He had many things to say about you though. About your life before coming here.

Jin stopped. So that's what it was about. His dad had called the farm and might have said unnecessary things to Takki, about his previous mistakes, for example.

"I understand now, why you act like this. What do you want to know ?" He asked him as he yawned.

"Actually. There's nothing more to ask. Now I know that this was the truth." He lied. There were so many things he needed to know. Tons of questions were going through his mind.

"I don't know what he said, but it's way less tragic than you think. Really." Kazuya didn't look like he bought it, since he snorted again.

"I just, don't understand why you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend." And he had said it. He felt a lot better now, and even sighed.

"Girlfriend ? I don't have a girlfriend!" He defended himself and Kazuya stopped.

"You have a family, Jin."

"That doesn't mean I am in a relationship! I really don't know what he said but I don't have a girlfriend!"

"And what about living with her ?"

Jin almost gasped.

"Living with her ? What ? That's not gonna happen! My father wanted me to, after what happened, but I don't want it, and i'm sure she doesn't want it either! We broke up even before...this"

Kazuya sat on his bed, his head low. His thoughts were a mess.

"Let's say I believe you. Why didn't you tell me ?" Kazuya felt stupid for a moment. He didn't want to show him that he was hearbroken by the news.

Jin got up and sat in front of him.

"Kazuya, I did a lot of bad things. If I didn't tell you, it's because it doesn't matter anymore and not because I wanted to keep it secret or whatever. This, it belongs to the past and there's nothing I can do to change it. I've been thinking about how to make you free, and I want to concentrate on this for now. I can't deal with everything at the same time. My friends, they've been calling to tell me she came back in town and she's still the same person I met, from what I've heard."

"What's your daughter's name ?" Kazuya's question surprised him, but he smiled gently.



Kazuya was slowly going back to normal. It had taken him a while to go back to Jin's bed, and he was thankful to be able to hug him again.

It made him feel so good.

"Kazuya ?"

The latter got up and wipped some dirt off his face.

"About my two days off...why don't you come with me ?"

"Hah ? Are you serious ? Who's gonna take care of the farm ?"

Jin rolled his eyes.

"Come one, pleaaase! The guys are here, and this stupid Takizawa too!" He nodded, feeling genius all of a sudden.

"I don't think-"

"Please! You have to see my friends, they're gonna loooove you."

Kazuya laughed. He highly doubted that.

"I don't think they're going to love a young farmer who never came out of his tiny town."

"Well, that would be a good way to make you discover Tokyo ! I am a great guide, you know." He pointed at himself, his smile so wide we could see his teeth.

"Takki's gonna freak out."

"He always freaks out. He's a freak." Kazuya laughed again and Jin shrugged.

"Still...I don't think this is a good idea. Where am I gonna stay ?"

"With me. At Pi and Ryo's. It's a big house, so don't worry! Just think about it, okay ? I have to call them tomorrow to confirm it, you'll tell me then."

Kazuya nodded silently.

He was doing his best not to show him how happy he was.


"Move your ass, Pi!" Two boys were running toward a car, one of them still trying to comb his air with his palm.

"We're not that late, you drama queen." The latter snorted and closed the car's door, numbling about girly guys with manboobs.

"We have to be at the train station in 30 min."

"Well it's not like Jin doesn't know Tokyo, he can wait for us. His boyfriend can keep him company anyway." He was giggling like a schoolgirl.

"You're going to make fun of him aren't you ?"

"Hell yeah baby."

"Bless you honey. I was planning on doing exactly the same thing."

They both laughed loudly and Ryo took the first turn before driving to the train station.

Jin was waiting, his finger tapping the bag resting on his shoulder. He was sighing, walking, groaning.

"What's wrong ?"

A gentle voice arrived behind him. He turned around with a huge pout on his face and found Kazuya carrying a small bag, a bottle of water in his hand.

"They're late! I'm so hungry, I wanna eat." Kazuya laughed and took a sip from the bottle, stopping beside him.

"Let's go out and wait for them, I need to smoke." Jin nodded and took both their bags before walking towards the nearest exit.

As soon as they got out, Kazuya went to the smoking area and lit a cigarette, enjoying the taste. He had been to stressed about this little trip. Koki and Tatsuya were updating him on how things were going, yet he couldn't help but worry. Jin had told him to just enjoy andthink about something else, and he was currently sulking next to him.

The travel went ok, if you ask Kazuya. Jin had fallen asleep right after they left, his head resting gently on his shoulder. He was a bit embarrassed at first, but when Jin sneaked a hand to take his, he let his own head rest gently on top of Jin's, earning a quiet sigh.

He blew smoke one last time before Jin jumped.

"There you are, fucking idiots!" Two guys were walking towards them. One of them had short black hair and the other, who was taller, had brownish locks, and look a bit more muscular. They were both smiling at Jin.

"Pi needed to style his hair, you know he can be worse than a teenage girl." Ryo shook his head and Pi hit him slightly on the shoulder, putting a hand on his cheek.

"Mou...i'm doing my best to be pretty for you, Jin-kun! He batted his lashes at him and Jin rolled his eyes, already turning around to take Kazuya's arm.

"That's right, I missed you too. Here is Kazuya, one of the owner in the farm I work at."

Ryo and Pi's eyes fell on him. Pi pulled on his sunglasses, his eyes showing a bit from above them. Ryo nodded. They were both silent.

"Nice to meet you. Sorry to....intrude." He was uncertain on what to do now. Should he shake their hands ? Bow ? He blinked and jumped when Pi's hand came in contact with his back.

"Hey! So you're Jin's boyfriend hmmm ? I'm Yamashita Tomohisa, and here is Nishikido Ryo. You can call me Yamapi, and you can call him NiSHITkido, welc-OW! That hurt, you bastard!" He was massaging his shoulder as Ryo came closer.

"Nice to meet you" Said Kazuya, bowing slowly.

"No need to be so formal Kazu! Those two are way worse than the plague. You'll hate them eventually. Shall we go ?" Jin was already walking next to his two friends, Pi still massaging his shoulder and the two others laughing.

This was going to be such a long journey, Kazuya thought.

If only he knew.

AN : hmmm, the storm is coming slowly. I'm trying to open the story a little, since I noticed I was too focused on Akame interractions lol
Please, as usual, tell me what you think ! ;)
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