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12 May 2016 @ 06:38 pm
[Fic] The Simple Life - Chapter 16  

Author: Me >w<

Pairing: Akame / ??/Kame (for now)

Rating: NC – 17

Genre: Romance, Humour, Action (Violence)

Disclaimer : The story is inspired from the drama Last Friends(just a little ) and part of a conversation I had with those pervy Kame addicts: P. The characters are not mine.

Summary: Everyone always tries to hide his true personality. When someone is vulnerable it’s better to wear a mask, to play and overplay, just to prove that everything is fine. This is an encounter between two souls, a man without real purpose and another one whose life is already mapped out.

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Chapter 16

He was staring at the wall in front of him. He had been staring for a long time now, and nothing could come out of his mouth. He knew it would be coming anyway, but this soon...he wasn't expecting Takki to go this far...he had forgot about the fact that he was the one who had been in contact with Jin's parents and had accepted, saying it would be "cheap work".

"Kazuya...are you listening ?"

He blinked. Jin was right in front of him, waving a worried hand in front of his face.

"What did you say ?" He looked at the older man, his face blank, drained.

"I said that I was going to call my dad, but you'll have to help me. I'm going to stay." He looked determined.

"Stay for what...Jin ? Nothing is going to change, even if you stay for a decade." He had thought about it and this made no sense at all. Of course he was thankful to Jin, for helping, for caring, for giving his time but Takki would never leave this place, he owned it.

"You're not helping, i'm going to call." The other man was taking his phone when Kazuya got up.

"Why don't you give up ? I don't know what this is about but he will never leave me alone, why can't you understand ? I'm thankful for what you did today, but i'm gonna pay everything back somehow. You're going to go back someday Jin, don't make this harder for all of us, please." Jin stayed in shock. He took a deep breath, and put his hands on Kazuya's shoulders, making him sit down again.

"I'm going to say it one more time. I won't go. If I have to take you with me in a bloody hotel or sleep in the combini, I will. There's no way i'm going to turn my head when something like this happens. I mean...heck I don't even know what I mean, I just don't want you to get hurt anymore."

"If this is about pride, don't worry. I'm not asking for help. I managed my life well until now, you know."

Jin laughed. Loudly.

"Managed ? If you call this managing, then I'm a master at life." Kazuya didn't like this tone.

"You just don't understand. I need to protect this place, this is where i'm from, Jin. If getting my ass kicked means I can stay here, then I will continue like this." Tears were starting to pearl in his eyes.

"So are you saying that you want me to go ?" Jin crossed his arms, waiting for an answer. Was this guy for real ?

"I'd rather you doing it now than later, when I..." He started.

"When you ?"

"Nothing, forget it." a sigh.

The latter got up and Jin scratched his head, frustrated. He was going nowhere with this.
"When you what, Kazuya." He stopped behind him, just as the younger one was about to open the door.

"When I won't be able to stay away from you." He closed the door with soft moves and Jin stood there, not knowing what to answer.

As soon as Kazuya got out, he found Takki, waiting.

"It came to my mind just as I got home earlier. This was easy, calling his dad and telling him he didn't do a good job. The poor old man accepted instantly." He had a small smile on his face.

Kazuya didn't dare looking at him. His body was starting to shake. Was he ready for this ? He was about to go to the kitchen and as soon as he got past Takki, he felt a hand closing around his brown locks.

"This is going to be playtime soon, baby." He was ready to receive the hardest blow he had ever got in his entire life but decided otherwise. He tore himself from the grip and was pinned against the wall, waking up the pain on his back.

"You trying to play catch now ? That's not so bad, it's exciting." He put a hand on his throat and he grimaced, feeling it tightening.

"I could kill you now, really." Takki blowed on his face and for the first time in his life, Kazuya wasn't sure if he should let this pass. He shook violently and got out of his grip, running in the house. He needed to be safe, now. He just wasn't ready, he didn't want to die, he wanted to live.

Takki was going after him, licking his lips. He felt like a hunter. Kazuya ran as fast as he could. His whole body hurt and his head was spinning, but he needed to get out of his reach.

He found himself knocking on Jin's door without even noticing.

Takki had disappeared.

When Jin opened the door, surprised, he felt something heavy fall on him.

Kazuya was shivering like a dead leaf.


"Should I go and beat him up ?" Jin had let Kazuya lie down on his bed. He was sitting by the window.

"No need." He shook his head and sighed, feeling stupid for running into the older man's room.

"I'll be leaving tomorrow morning." Jin was annoyed, Kazuya could tell. He had led him to the bed and asked nothing, and in a way he was thankful for that.

"I'll let you rest, lock yourself in the room. I need to go out." He took his jacket and felt Kazuya's hand on his arm.

"Can I...come ?"

Jin nodded.


This city was so quiet at night, Jin thought. Their walk was peaceful. Kazuya hadn't say a word and was walking behind Jin, his frozen hand hidden in his jean's pocket. Tthe older man was turning around from time to time, to check if he was still following. They were not far from the farm and the only thing they could see were huge lands of flowers, mostly sunflowers.

"It's calm, I like it here." Kazuya's soft voice made Jin turn around again, nodding. The younger man hated it, but he didn't want Jin to be mad at him. He looked closed, like a lock on a huge metallic door. He had been waiting for a sign, anything from Jin. A smile for example. He got closer to him silently and heard him sigh.

"You want me to leave, don't act as if you wanted me close." Jin was almost pouting, and Kazuya found that really cute. He said nothing though.

"A moment ago, just before I went back to your room, I saw Takki." He said simply.

"What a surprise." Jin was looking at the dark sky, avoiding his gaze.

"For the first time, I felt like I shouldn't tolerate all this."

"That's a progress."

"Jin, stop this."

"Stop what ? Caring ? I'm just doing what you asked me!" He stopped walking and looked at him. There wasn't much he could say anyway.

"You don't-"

"I don't understand, I know. Wanna rest ?" He pointed at one of the land and Kazuya didn't know what to answer.

"But, we can't go there, this is a private land."

"So ? I hardly believe cops are looking around the city for any field looters." He shrugged and started walking inside one of them full of small wheat stems. Kazuya followed, looking around before entering the place. It looked beautiful, so neat and it smelled like fresh seeds. Jin laid down when they got further into the land and crossed his arms behind his head.

"Sit." He simply said, and the brown haired boy followed.

"People do this in movies, they say it feels great. It's true." Jin had a small smile and Kazuya looked at him.

"It does feel great." He agreed before looking at the stars.

Silence was talking to them, wind wispering and wheat waving around them, lulling and gentle.
Kazuya shivered and Jin shifted closer, sharing his way too warm body. He wasn't looking at him though, and refused to budge when he felt an arm cirle him and a cold nose against his neck.

He was clinging on him so hard and Jin realized that the shivering wasn't coming from the cool wind. The younger man felt really embarassed, and was scared for a moment, scared that Jin would push him.

"You were right," He started, turning around and facing a puzzled Kazuya. "I don't understand."

"What do you mean ?" He wispered the words, unsure.

"I don't understand why you want me away, when your body says the opposite. What do you expect me to do ?" He asked. His tone was neutral, without anger.

Jin's arm went around him and drew him closer.

"How am I supposed to go if you do this ?" He asked again.

Kazuya closed his eyes. He wasn't acting like he should but when he was in front of Jin, it made him feel so safe.

"I don't want you to go..."

Jin waited.

"I think you should go..."

"Oh my, you're starting again-"

Kazuya took his arms as he was trying to get away .

"I also think that I won't survive this. I've been dealing with this all alone for so long now. Today, just today, I felt a difference. I know why I can't leave this place."

Jin had stopped breathing and Kazuya licked his lips, not ready for what he was about to say.

"Why ?" It was barely a wisper.

"Because...because I don't have anything else worth fighting for. This is the only thing left in me but recently I feel like I could leave some room for something else."

"Then, should I.."

"Yes Jin, be that precious thing I need."

Jin's eyes were looking for something, anything that would make him doubt. When he found nothing, he kissed the smaller one, again and again.


"Yes...Of course! It's not that don't work well. Dad, stop it! God you're so annoying! I'm telling you i'm doing ok! What, you don't believe me ? No! Wanna talk to one of the owner ? Fine, fine. Oh puh-lease! Yes, okay. I'll call you soon. Tell mom not to worry, i'm doing just fine! I don't know why he called, he's an old weird guy, I swear! Everybody's delighted with me."

Koki snorted and he glared at him.

"You're slacking off, Akanishi."

"I'm on the phone, would you please..?"

The boys were removing all the animal's faeces from the lawn. It smelled bad, Jin had to wear hideous plastic boots, and Koki was trying to throw poop at him. Kazuya was driving one of the tractor, trying not to look at Jin too much. The guys were throwing glances at him and wriggling their brows in a funny way everytime they went past him.

Jin hung up and took the big shovel, grunting.

"Jin ? Don't you think Kazuya looks different today ?" Koki was looking at a smily Kazuya, who was driving the tractor.

"Maybe..." He looked the young driver and when their eyes met, Jin's smile was wider than anything else.

Maru joined them and said something about feeding the animals before taking a showel.

"By the way, why did we have to stay with Takizawa yesterday ?" Taking off his way too big sunglasses, Maru questionned Jin.

"We had something to do, without him seeing." Jin didn't really know how to explain this. Did they know about all this ?

"Did it worked ?" Maru was hesitant, aware that something bad had happened.

"Yes, thank you." Koki nodded and Maru tapped Jin's shoulder.

"Kazu-chan's smile is bright, today," Junno joined them and with his gloved hand, gave Jin a thumb up "Thank you Jin-chan!" He smiled.

"Don't call him like that, we're not cute pets, baka!" Koki kicked him and he laughed again, massaging his butt.

"Where's Tatsu by the way ?" Maru asked and Koki told him something about Kazuya asking him to take care of Kudai.

"Not working today ?" They all jumped when they heard Takki's voice. Jin rolled his eyes, taking another heap of poop and discharging it in the wheelbarrow.

"We are!" Koki defended and Takki nodded, unimpressed. He looked around and stopped in front of Jin.

"You were not supposed to..go ?" He asked, unsure.

Jin shook his head.
"Actually, Kazuya said I could stay. So I called my parents and told them I was staying. Is that a problem, Takizawa-san ?" He gave him the biggest smile he could show and Takki smiled, his teeth gritting.

"You were supposed to go, Jin ?" Maru asked, clearly surprised and Koki rose a brow.

"No, just a little misunderstanding. Nothing big. Oh, it's full of shit over there, i'll go and take care of it." He went a bit further and started working again in front of a clueless Maru, a proud Koki and an enraged Takki.

Kazuya didn't miss anything. His smile though was still on his face.

The day went fast, way faster than the previous days, if you ask Jin. He was glad he could look at Kazuya from time to time, earning smiles and seeing the light blush on his face. They had taken a little break to eat, and they were all happy to see the youngest join them.

Jin could see the latter was looking for him, scared he might not be here to protect him from Takki. He was thus making sure to keep him at eyesight, pretexting that he needed someone qualified to look over his work, and Kazuya had nodded, confirming he couldn't let him stay alone. The four employees didn't say anything about that, and they noticed how close they were, even though they were doing their best not to get too close.

A smily Kazuya was so rare that they were not able to unsee it.

Takki had disappeared, leaving a note about going to a factory god-knows-where.

At the end of the day, Koki stayed a bit later, asking Kazuya about one trouser he couldn't put his hands on. They were waiting for him in the kitchen, drinking a cup a coffee.

"Thank you." The blond guy said.

"For what ?" Jin had stopped drinking mid-way, putting the white mug on the table with a soft thud.

"You know what I mean. Kazuya. I'm not gonna ask more about it, but I'm glad you were able to...do something. Whatever it was." His eyes were sparkling and Jin noticed how much of a good friend he was. He knew he might have felt useless, and with this stubborn Kazuya, he might have felt frustrated more than once in the past.

Jin didn't say anything and simply shook his head, smiling. Kazuya arrived with a dark blue working trouser.

"Is it this one ? I think you left it here last week. It's all clean." He gave it to him and Koki bowed, his hands joined.

"My savior! Thanks man. I'll head out then, thanks for the coffee. Won't be here until 2 pm tomorrow. Bye!" He waved at them, hurrying himself out.

Kazuya took a sit and rubbed his sore neck.

"Should I pour you some coffee ?" Jin asked, seeing him in pain.

"I can do it."

Jin got up with a sigh and took another cup before filling it with the steaming black liquid. He gave it to Kazuya to took a seat next to him.

"You should have rested today, you're not healed yet, you know." He put a hand on his shoulder and massaged it slowly. A cry of pain came out of the younger one's mouth and Jin froze.

"Sorry! Shit, sorry Kazuya." He took his hand off and carefully pulled at the shirt, revealing a huge bruise.

"Have any first aid kit or something similar ?" He asked. Kazuya was still grimacing when he showed him the top drawer.

"Come on, we need to take care of this. Have any painkillers ?" Kazuya showed the same drawer and Jin looked for something that could ease the pain.

"Take your cup, i'll treat your wounds!" He sounded cheerful, and Kazuya wondered if he knew he was doing way more than dealing with his physical wounds.

Kazuya didn't want to appear shirtless in front of him. It made him look miserable, and he wanted to look strong for Jin. He had agreed after the taller one almost took it off him. The painkiller was starting to ease the pain yet moving was still delicate. He was now sitting on the small bed while Jin was putting cream on his back and shoulders. The soft light was making his features look even more bony, and Kazuya felt so ashamed, his arms covering the front of his body.

"Can we...turn off the light ?"

"How am I supposed to apply the cream in the dark ?" Jin was reading the instruction on the little tube, not looking at him.

"I'm not...it's embarrasing, actually." His arms went limp on his sides and Jin sighed, getting up.

Going back to the bed had been an adventure. He climbed behind Kazuya.

"Feeling better ? Tell me if it hurts, I can't even see you flinch." He put his hands on the soft skin and spread the thick cream. Kazuya yelled.

"Sorry! Damn it."

"No, it's cold." He laughed a bit.

Jin shifted closer and applied the cream with careful hands. Kazuya was sighing from time to time, shivering and moving around when he felt ticklish. Jin was smiling, happy to see him relax a bit.

"Does it feel good ?" He had wispered close to his ears and the young one almost jumped, surprised.

"Yes." Came the short answer, half wispered, hald moaned.

It's when Jin's mouth came to his neck that he stopped moving. He could feel hot patched pressing against to sensitive skin and without noticing, his back was soon against Jin chest, while the other was kissing away the bruises.
It was arousing him more thant it should have. Even with the purple stains on his skin, Kazuya still looked wonderful but he needed to stop. He didn't want to feel like some kind of pervert.

Kazuya was sighing, lifting his head to give more access to his body. It had been so long since he truly felt good around somebody.

Without speaking he turned around and put his arms around Jin's neck, bringing him closer and smooching the plumpy lips.

"Thank you." He wispered a couple of times between kisses.

Jin was making him do crazy things, he thought. His body was so broad and fluffy, it made him want to cuddle. He would never admit it, but he had been waiting for a moment to be this close since he woke up this morning.

Slowly, he felt himself fall on top of Jin, his slim body not even bothering the older one. He yawned a bit and Jin laughed, brushing a strand of hair.

"Tired ? You should rest."

"No!" He had said it before he could think and he almost saw the surprised look on Jin's face.

"I want..more kisses."

And Jin laughed again.

"Then i'll give you plenty of them." He kissed all of his face, avoiding his lips. After a while, he felt Kazuya shook his head.

"Are you teasing me ?" Kazuya was half asking, half laughing.

"I am, yeah."

"So honest." He smiled and bent down, kissing him slowly. The kiss was diferent, and Kazuya even dared to poke his tongue, brushing against the pink lips and he felt a shiver down his spine as Jin hugged him tighter against him.

He stopped when air was needed and yawned again.

"That's it. You're tired, or bored." Jin teased again.

"I'm not! Can I ask you something ?"

Jin coughed, expecting another weird question.

"Have you...with a boy..I mean...before coming here..or is it just..how can I ask that.." He sighed and his head fell on Jin's chest while the latter started laughing.

"If I've ever been this close to a guy ?"

Kazuya Nodded, even though Jin couldn't see it.

"I did. Why are you asking ? Do you think you're some kind of new experiment ?"
"Just out of curiosity." He simply answered.

"Are you still wondering if i'm doing this out of pity or something like that ?"

When he received no answer. He turned around on the bed, letting Kazuya lay down next to him and hovering over him, slowly.

"This, is not about pity, this was not about it, this won't be. I'm gonna be honest, hear me well. I am attracted to you, which means, I feel good around you, I'm attracted to who you are. This makes me wanna do things like kissing or hugging or cuddling, because this is what people do when they're attracted."


"How what, how come i'm attracted to you ? This don't need explanation, and it doesn't have any. You've been hurt for too long so let me handle your pain and protect you. Oh and don't hesitate if you want kisses, I'll gladly give them to you."

Right now, under the faint light of the grey moon, on this precise night, Kazuya felt his heart skip a beat.

He just wanted the night to last for months.

AN : So, here's another update. It came fast, ne ? I am amazed, also. *coughs* Tonikaku, please tell me what you think about this chapter. Things are getting better, and it was fun writing it. Also, the chapter is longer *wriggles brows*

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roro_ieda: kameroro_ieda on May 14th, 2016 09:41 am (UTC)
yup, it's a fast update...and i'm not complaining~~~XDD

yeay, more akame interactionsss, >////<
hope, the violent will be stopped soon.

anyway, thank you. ^__^
RINookameoo on May 14th, 2016 09:59 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it, thx for reading hehehe

runforyourunforyou on May 14th, 2016 07:08 pm (UTC)
God, I'm so happy I found it!

It's exam period and my brain is full so this fic was really refreshing! Shame I didn't find it earlier...

I hope you will finish it ♥

Keep up the amazing work, I want a healthy and happy Kazu in the arms of a pouting Jin ~
RINookameoo on May 14th, 2016 10:01 pm (UTC)
awww, I'm glad I was able to help you during exams then!!!

Hai, I will try to do my best!

thx for reading ;)