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[Fic] The Simple Life - Chapter 15

Author: Me >w<

Pairing: Akame / ??/Kame (for now)

Rating: NC – 17

Genre: Romance, Humour, Action (Violence)

Disclaimer : The story is inspired from the drama Last Friends (just a little ) and part of a conversation I had with those pervy Kame addicts: P. The characters are not mine.

Summary: Everyone always tries to hide his true personality. When someone is vulnerable it’s better to wear a mask, to play and overplay, just to prove that everything is fine. This is an encounter between two souls, a man without real purpose and another one whose life is already mapped out.

It's my first chapter written directly in English. Unbetaed, gomen gomen.
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Chapter 15

"I'm done here, thanks for the help, guys." Takki was taking off the huge plastic gloves. He had just finished checking on the cow and Kokia and Junno were really out of excuses.

"Takki....there's one more thing we need you with..." Koki was looking at Junno, asking silently for help. The tall guy was looking at him, blinking and unaware of the situation.

"What is it, now ?" He was really starting to be irritated, and if he was crazy, he'd think they were plotting something so that he wouldn't go back to...the house.

And it hit him. Kazuya was supposed to be inside...he was inside.

There's no way they would do something like that, he thought. Kazuya was his and he would never ask them for help.

But Jin would.

He cursed a bit too loudly before running to the house.

While Koki, after dialing Ueda's number, almost yelled.

"We in trouble!!!"


He was pressing a tiny ball of cotton on his cheek and Kazuya shifted away, a grimace never leaving his face. Tears were still visible on his face and he still hadn't stop crying, making Jin wonder if it was possible for somebody to cry that much.

He was feeling so bad, so bad for being this weak. He knew he souldn't have to handle Takki everyday, but everytime he thought about his family, he lost it. His sanity, his clear mind. He was supposed to be happy, he knew that it wouldn't be possible anymore, but still, in his troubled yet clear mind, he wanted to think of it a possibility. He winced when Jin pressed a soaked cotton on his lip.

"Stay still..." The older man sighed, sitting closer to him and scratching his hair.

The old lady was sitting in the shop, in silence. They were both in the little storehouse which was used as a resting place also for the lady. She hadn't muttered a word when Jin came with an abused Kazuya, and she had simply led them to the little room behind her shop. Kazuya had thanked her, and she had nodded, not wanting to make things worse by telling him he was stupid to stay with his grandson.

"It hurts" Was Kazuya's only answer, and Jin stopped moving. Of course it hurts, his bloody lip was split in two. He really wanted to break Takki's neck, make him suffer as much as he was making Kazuya suffer.

But Kazuya was also to blame, letting himself into such a situation. He sighed again and saw the younger man looking at him, searching for a sign, anything.

"You have to stay away from him. For good." Jin put the cotton ball on the little table and crossed his arms. He was really trying to remain calm, but he was shaking and the other man didn't look too good.

"I can't, you know it." The wisper was scared and blurred by numerous tears, hurting his throat.

"I don't know it, how could I fucking know it ?!" The tone wasn't nice nor gentle, it was pressing, almost shaking. How was he even supposed to deal with this ?

"I can't leave the farm, and he won't leave me alone. You'll have to go back home someday, and i'll be dealing with this all alone, so don't come and act as if everything was so easy !" He had said it and Jin, for a moment, wanted to slap the already oh so abused face.

"I'm so sorry for being a clueless fucking burden then. Look at you, you're doing so well." The irony in his voice was so cold it wasn't even funny. He laughed a little, amazed at how the younger one could be so resigned about his situation.

Kazuya closed his eyes. Jin was pacing around the room, impatient and tired and like a trapped beast in a too small cage.

He didn't stop moving when he heard Kazuya muffled cries. It felt frustrating all of a sudden. The younger one needed help, yet he was holding back, for the sake of this old house. Jin knew his intentions were commendable, and he understood the fact that it had a special spot in Kazuya's heart but heck, why would anyone let himself beaten for it ? He wouldn't anyway...

He knew he'd have to go back home anyway, heck, he had a handful of problems to handle already but what should he do with him ? Should he give up on helping ? He wouldn't be ble to forgive himself if something were to happen to the younger man, and even without this, he felt good around him. Something he had yet to explain himself.

He got closer to him and, with a heavy breath, took the petite silhouette in his arms. Kazuya was like a lifeless doll, ripped in piece.

Pushing Jin away had been a option. He felt like this was too wrong, too much for him to handle at the moment. Jin won't be next to him forever. He had a life in a city not so close from here, and Kazuya would never leave this place. Letting himself being engulfed in such warmth was far from being a good idea. He had already given too much to the older man, and he was starting to feel a bit too good around him, which was, after reflexion, really bad.

He was about to push him away when he heard his cellphone ring. It was Tatsuya.

Jin took the cellphone from his hand and answered it.

"He's gone." Was the only thing he could hear and a loud noise could be heard inside the shop. He closed the phone.

"You stay here. No matter what happens, don't show your face. Don't do anything stupid. Let me handle this, just this time." Kazuya nodded at Jin's determined face and didn't move an inch. The taller man sent him a small smile before going out of the storehouse...

...Only to find himself in front of a furious Takki.

The old lady hadn't moved, too used to this man's behaviour.

"I told you he wasn't here. Go away." Was the only thing she said.

"You! It's because of you, right ? Everybody's plotting against me now! Give Kazuya Back!"

Takki's grandmother got up and went to the little room behind the shop.

Kazuya was shaking so violently, he almost felt one of his bone break under the pressure.

"I'm scared, grandma..." He wispered and got closer to the curtain, peeking behind it. He could see Jin's back and the other man's face, which showed nothing but fury at the moment.

She shook her head and sat down again, not answering.

Meanwhile, Jin was doing his best not to break the other.

"I don't know what you're talking about...." He feigned, rising his shoulder.

"Stop messing with me! He couldn't be anywhere else! Not in this state!" He didn't care anymore, it's not like he should deny the fact that he was the one responsible for Kazuya's physical state anyway.

Jin smiled a bit, but it had nothing funny in it. He closed his eyes, and tried to take away the vision of Kazuya's badly hurt body, his tears, his will to protect a house full of memories.

"I'm not messing with you, Takizawa-san." Jin was super calm, Kazuya thought.

"Anyway, i'm not going without Kazuya, so you better leave. I know he's hiding somewhere. Kazuya! Come back here!" He looked like a madman, shaking and moving his arms in the air, his mouth distorded in a scary grimace. He took a few steps forward, stopping in front of the taller man.

"Back off." His eyes were full of hatred, and Jin sighed. He had enough of playing nice.

"Make me." Was the only thing he said. Takki looked taken aback by the sudden tone in Jin's voice.

"I said, back.off. I'll take this little slut back with me, wether you like it or not." He repeated, coming even closer and Jin lost it.

Kazuya jumped when he saw Jin hit the counter, hard. The cash machine moved a bit and all the things on it fell. He had almost destroyed it and it cracked under is fist.

"I said, Make.Me." He emphazised on every word. He knew he shouldn't judge a book by its cover but he was rather confident in his strength, and he was so annoyed he could have break this bastard's neck anyway.

Takki was startled and when he saw Jin stand before his eyes, his breath short and his broad body ready for whaterver were to happen now, he snorted.

"You won't always be there...and when you'll leave, i'll make him pay for both of you." He laughed awkwardly and adjusted his jacket on him, before shooting one of the self and leaving.

Kazuya was out the minute he heard the door close and he rushed to a rather stiff Jin. He wanted to talk to him, but the older man's breath was so short, he didn't know how he was about to react.


"From now on, you'll stay in my room. If you don't do it for you, do it for him." Jin took his numb hand and massaged it.

"What do you mean ?" Kazuya was puzzled.

"Next time he acts like this, I won't hold back." Was the only thing he said before heading inside the storeroom to cool down.

They stayed a bit in the combini. Kazuya had called Tatsuya to get updated on Takki's actions, and He had told him the latter had rushed inside the house without saying anything. He was still worried but he knew Takki had bigger plans now.

What was he going to do now ? There was no way they could go back to the house now. Jin was still silent, his head on the little table, he was sighing from time to time, lost in his thoughts.

"What should we do now..?" Kazuya hesitated. He sat next to Jin and put a hand on his shoulder, slowly.

Jin rose his head, and looked at him before giving him a small smile.

"We'll head back. I'm sorry if I scared you." He knew the younger one had issues with violence, and he was annoyed for loosing it so easily. He didn't want to show Kazuya how he could be, and he knew himself very well. Those years in a workhouse for teenagers didn't do him good.

"It's ok...don't worry. Thank you." His hand was gentle and it went slowly to Jin's face cupping it.

They went back early in the evening.  The road back was silent, both too concentrating on what would happen now. Jin was lying down in his room and Kazuya was looking out the window.

When his phone rang, he didn't answer.

He took the little device and saw one vocal message waiting.

He listened to it.

His father was telling him to come back tomorrow.

AN : I'm bad. I'm really bad. It's been....4 years ? Not that much, I know! This chapter is not long, because i'm aware that the community is not what it used to be, and I want to see if people are still interested before posting the big thing. The fic was almost finished, and when my comp died, I lost my minnnnd. Sorry sorry. For the few readers still here, please tell me what you think!

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