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26 April 2012 @ 07:21 pm
[FIC] The Simple Life - Chapter 14  

Author: Me >w<

Pairing: Akame / ??/Kame (for now)

Rating: NC – 17

Genre: Romance, Humour, Action (Violence)

Disclaimer : The story is inspired from the drama Last Friends (just a little ) and part of a conversation I had with those pervy Kame addicts: P. The characters are not mine.

Summary: Everyone always tries to hide his true personality. When someone is vulnerable it’s better to wear a mask, to play and overplay, just to prove that everything is fine. This is an encounter between two souls, a man without real purpose and another one whose life is already mapped out.

Thx to the wonderful[info]gal_ps for translating this for me! *huggles*.
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Chapter 14

Jin woke up with a heavy head. He had horrible dreams in which Kazuya was found dead in some distant corner of the farm while Takki continued his life freely.

He was already so pissed off and the day had just begun.

He wondered if his parents would find him again so irresponsible after all that was happening here...

He quickly went to shower, wondering in what state Kazuya would be this morning.

~ * ~

Takki was sipping his coffee. The weather was good, he had slept very well and everything seemed peaceful.

Even the limp body of Kazuya in the middle of the room.

When he saw Jin coming he smiled.

"Did you sleep well?"

Jin raised an eyebrow. He looked rather ... well.

"Yeah, and you?"

"Yes, I was so tired, I fell in a heap."

Jin took some time to gather himself.

"Ready for a long hard day?"

Takki's smile still stayed on his face, and Jin wanted so much to erase it by force.

"Where is Kazuya?"

Takki stood still. He was sure about it. Kazuya had found a way to lure Jin, probably by letting him ...

He shook his head.

"Right now he feels sick, he said he wouldn‘t work today."

Jin went to the coffee pot and filled a large cup of the black liquid, before he leaned against the small cabinet in the kitchen.

"Oh, well then. He asked me to check Kudai, later I'll tell him how she is."

Takki stood up in a rush, it looked more like he had jumped.

"No, it's OK. I'll do it. He doesn‘t want to be disturbed."

He started moving slowly towards the entrance and after slipping into his boots he went out.

Jin was very keen to climb up the stairs, even eager to do it, only to see weather Kazuya was fine. But something stopped him. It was fear. He was really scared to find Kazuya broken, shallow and worse almost lifeless. He didn‘t think Takki would go as far as killing Kazuya, but having seen the later few days earlier, he wondered if finally the worst already happened.

Without even being able to acknowledge what he was doing, his legs had already taken him to Takki and Kazuya's room.

He knocked.


He knocked again and again, with more conviction.

But still nothing happened.

Damn, he was worried, really worried.

"Ka ... Kazuya."

He could even swear he felt his heart leaping hard when he heard a groan of pain, something more like halfway between a sob and a squeal.

He forced with all his might the door to open it (he even thought he had broken it at some point) and stumbled into one very dark room. The windows were closed, and even the light that was coming through the opened door couldn’t brighten at all the room.

And he heard him.

"J.. Jin ..?"

He searched around for that damned switch for such a long time that it seemed like an eternity to him, while Kazuya’s desperate cries echoed through the room.

They both felt like dying.

When Jin finally turned on the light, he saw Kazuya. Sprawled on the floor, with some traces of blood at the corner of the mouth, but especially on his head he was holding with his both hands, and all his fingers had become red now.

His body ... he was unrecognisable.

He had big red marks on his stomach and his back was decorated with scratches. There were many purple marks on his neck and his jeans were still unbuttoned.

Jin thought he was going crazy.

Kazuya's small voice echoed through the room.

"Jin, get out of here, I‘m begging‘ you, go away ..."
Jin had already shut back the door with a crash.

Kazuya still didn‘t stop the begging.

"Please, leave. I'll call your parents and I'll tell them you can go back at home but I beg you, please leave me alone."


Kazuya had to stop talking.

But the feeling was stronger than Jin himself, and at that moment he was out of control.

"Jin .."

"Shut up."

For a moment Kazuya thought he was hallucinating. So it was Takki before him? So now he'll have to pay dearly for all his pleas.

Jin slowly approached him and crouched to his level.

Kazuya blinked couple of time with his eyes, trying to get his vision as clear as he could, hoping to find the reason for his confusion. Maybe he was dreaming.

Jin caressed his cheek, then ran his fingers very gently through his hair.

His hand turned out all bloody red.

He didn‘t know why, but he felt the tears running down his face, and he didn‘t even know if they were tears of sadness or anger.

"It is for this ... that you live?"

He had barely whispered, his voice seemed stacked in his throat.

"That's why you took over this farm? ... To get yourself beaten non-stop?"

Kazuya raised his arm and grabbed the older man's knee.

"No ... it‘s ... for all those who believed in me .... and you ...."

Jin closed his eyes.

"It was for my sake that you turned me down yesterday? It was for me that you risked yourself to be beaten to death? And what about your parents, don‘t you think they would be sad to see you in the situation you’re right now? Let me ask you, what is your goal Kazuya? To die before turning 30 years old? Leave this place to the dirty dog that is only devastating and ruining your health and sanity? Is it the reason whyYOU LIVE? "

Jin had tried to keep from screaming, because of his sore throat, but all this was too much. Really too much.

"I want to live ... Jin. I thought I could keep going and all of it would be worth it ... but I prefer give it up. You have to go."

"Kazuya ... I know it's difficult in your condition but you have to open your ears very well. I will NOT go away. Whatever he does, I‘ll not leave. Now you will obey silently and I‘ll take you to the combini, this is the closest place from here where your wounds could be taken care of. "

"NO. You won't take me there!"

Jin stopped. So then Kazuya really wanted to die ...

"He said .. that if I leave the room ...he‘ll ... kill .. Kudai." He had finished his sentence with a sob. Kudai was his father's foal and Kazuya loved her a lot. There was no way someone could lay a finger on it.

"So if you're afraid about Kudai, I'll take care of it ..."

"You can‘t ..."

"Wanna bet? I'll help you to get clean. Hang on me as tight as you can ok?"

Kazuya was just hesitating.

"He will see us ... it's over, he will see us and everything will be over"

Kazuya looked so down and gloomy, he had almost gone mad.

"Stop talking nonsense and try to stand on your legs. I’ll take you to the bathroom. But before that, give me your phone."

".. What? Why?"

"Leave it all to me Kazuya. For once in your life, trust just a bit in someone and don’t stand alone in a corner. I have an idea, but I need your phone."

"My phone, it’s somewhere under the bed ..."

Jin squeezed his fists thigh and put Kazuya on the bed, before trying to find the small purple device.

"Hello? Koki?"

~ * ~

"Yes ... but well, I am here with Yuichi and we will arrive in two minutes, Tatsuya has already arrived. Yes ok, we’ll go faster, I won't fail, understood. But Jin ! I told you I got it! You don’t have to explain It again! Ok ... "

Jin hung up with a slight smile. Kazuya was watching him, making a grimace. He felt like he had rolled under the feet of all the cows on the farm.

"... Do you think it'll work?"
Jin looked at him.

"Oooh yes. You have some hell of a farmers here, and I have a feeling that the mission I gave them will be successful"

"I hope that too ... but if everything goes wrong, I want you to leave me, and go away, okay?"

Jin sighed.

"If this ever blows up and Takki sees me helping you, I'll have to kill him, so I really hope, especially for him that he’ll have the sanity to be the first one who would flee."

Kazuya smiled.

The most beautiful smile Jin had ever seen.

~ * ~

"Well, you got it! Junno and I will take care of Takki, and Maru and Tat-chan, you go and take care of Kudai, Is it good?"

They all raised their hands.

"Mission, happy fool, start!"

Tatsuya looked up and the three others screamed "yosh!" in unison.Right now he really wondered how he ended up among these morons.

Yuichi spoke before they split.

"But ... why should we do that?"

"I don‘t know but it‘s Jin’s idea, and we said we'd help right? So we help. If this can help Kazuya in any way whatsoever, I am all in ... oh yeah and, we don’t talk about Kazuya in any reason, understood? "

The three other farmers nodded.

The mission could begin. Koki was already walking towards Takki.

Followed closely by Junno, who seemed as if he didn‘t understand the situation.

~ * ~

"Hey, how do you do, Takki?"

Takki almost jumped then turned around with a slight smile.

"So so , and you?"


"Oh, yes I’m OK! And ...what are you doing?"

Junno pretended to be invisible while an idiotic smile appeared on Kok’s face.

"As you can see, I'm cleaning the barn."

"Oh yes ... and is it interesting?"

Koki looked at Junno with a look saying "I'll kick your ass out as soon as all this is over." He stopped himself.

"He meant, is it going well ?"

"Aaah ...then yeah, just like every morning?"

Takki stopped. He turned towards to the two young men.

"There's something fishy with you two ...."

Koki swallowed hardly and Junno pretended to remove an invisible stain from his salopettes.

"You wouldn‘t want to get an extra day off by any chance?"

Takki had a suspicious look.

"Well .... -"

"You got it!!! Junno, I told you we'd be quickly found out eh?"

Junno who had just been cut off by Koki looked at him.

"Ye-YES! I was sure, we are so so stupid ...."

Takki laughed.

"Then, what happened so you would like another day off ?"

Junno looked at Koki, who moved his sight from Junno to Takki then back at Junno.

"So basically, we have to go to a ..."

Damn..think faster!

"A goukon." said another voice. (trans.note – goukon means group meeting.)
Koki raised his eyebrow and turned to Junno, who watched him with a hopeful look.

He resumed.

"Yes it is ... a ... goukon."

Taki broke into a laugher.

"A goukon? I thought better of you, couldn’t believe you’ll be this kind of guys!"

"Hahaha .. well it’s a bit ... funny and embarrassing ..."

Koki couldn’t believe it anymore ... why did he ask Junno to play along with him ... it was almost futile.

"Yes, in this case, of course, I wouldn‘t want to be the one preventing you from finding your soul mate!"

Takki tried to suppress a laught and Koki coughed.

"Indeed, we are going, but we were forced" He wondered if he managed to say this one with the most hoarse and masculine voice he could do.

Junno followed.

"Yes, we‘re not easy men ..."

Takki looked at them. Easy men?

Koki pretended to laugh and slightly nudged Junno, a sign that he hoped he wouldn‘t hear anything more out of Junno‘s mouth.

"Nah, he‘s kidding, you know, the always kidding Junno! Otherwise, what have you planned for today? We had a problem with one of the cows, that even Tatsuya refuses to deal with ... you know ..you need to...put your hands... The cow has a hard time right now ... you’d better go and see."

Koki thanked himself for having remembered that it was himself who had to put his hand in that damned cow.

Takki put the bucket down

"Yes, of course, this can wait for five minutes, I have to go to the house to get something ..."

Koki coughed.

"Ah, nah nah, I’m sorry but I really think we need to move fast .... you know the back-exit of a cow can't wait!"

Junno looked up at the sky. Yeah right, that was one hell of a line ....

"Well, well, then I‘ll go .."

Takki passed by them and headed towards the barn.

Junno laughingly looked at Koki. The latter told him that he‘d kill him if he was obliged to laugh at his stupid jokes again.

Takki turned back and the two young men stopped right away with big smiles plastered on their faces.

Then he left.

Koki thought he was going to faint.

~ * ~

Tatsuya gently brushed Kudai which was slumped on the floor with a belly bigger than ever. It was certain that very soon she would give birth.

"Tat-chan ... do you know why we have to do this?"

Tatsuya stopped.

"It is for Kazuya, so don‘t ask questions. This would help him right?"

Yuichi nodded, aware that he wouldn‘t have the answer to his question today.

"I really hope he'll be here when she'llgive birth .... his father wanted him to be present when Kudai becomes a mother."

Tatsuya sighed.

He was really hoping that Jin knew what he was doing.

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dorayaki_chandorayaki_chan on April 27th, 2012 12:15 am (UTC)
Geez hope they could make it #crossfingers#
RINookameoo on April 28th, 2012 05:53 pm (UTC)
u are so faithful to my fic <3 thx a lot for being here!

im so glad you liked it! *hugs*
mae0513mae0513 on April 27th, 2012 03:41 am (UTC)

new chapty:)

Thanks for sharing!
RINookameoo on April 28th, 2012 05:54 pm (UTC)
im glad you liked it!! thx a lot for commenting!

roro_ieda: d-motion kokiroro_ieda on April 28th, 2012 03:04 am (UTC)
i love this series~~cant wait for the update.
thx!! ^^
RINookameoo on April 28th, 2012 05:55 pm (UTC)
heheheh thx! glad you liked it!!!

sukisuki2011sukisuki2011 on May 4th, 2012 12:17 pm (UTC)
i just read the whole fic in like one day and i have to say that its soo great!!! i really hope jin will be able to bring kazuya to a place where takki won't find them... i wonder what happend to him that he became such a cruel lover

well thanks for sgaring can't wait for more ~~
RINookameoo on May 8th, 2012 02:54 pm (UTC)
Oh, thx a lot!!! I'm glad you liked it!!!

Hehehe, you'll know this soon! Hehehe Update is coming very very fast this time lol ~

Hope you'll like it too!!!

tinna116tinna116 on May 8th, 2012 07:31 pm (UTC)
oh my.. this is pretty much suffering Kame in here... I can not wait for your next chapter! good luck guys!!! with rescuing Kazu!!! I hope it`ll go smoothy!!