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[Fic] Papers -Part 2-

Title: Papers
Author: Me, the one and only XD
Pairing: Akame
Rating: Nc -13
Genre : Romance, Comedy :D

Summary : Bored students, blank pieces of paper and friendship....or..more ?



What the..?”

He did it!”

Who did What ?”

Kazuya, he wrote his phone number back!”


I know!!! Gosh, it's so exciting, talking with someone you never...wait, what's wrong with your reaction ?”

Jin raised an eyebrow.

Yamapi answered.

Well, that's cool, now please, i'm trying to study, we have a test in less than an hour!”

And he went back to his book.

Screw you! I'm so going to send him a message!”

Jin jumped in the classroom. Why was he so happy anyway ?

He took his cellphone and started typing a message.

Hi! How are you ? I hope i'm not disturbing you....i just wanted to say that i'm really happy to talk with you. It may sound childish, and god knows I am, but i'm happy to have a new friend!”

And he sent it. Today was such a great day!!!



Kazuya opened one eye when he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket....Tatsuya was with him, koki was at work....he felt stressed suddenly...what if it was Jin ? Damn, he didn't want to!!!!! He opened his cell phone and saw it

From : Jin”

He whined.

Tatsuya looked at him.

What's wrong ?”

Nah, nothing, my stomach hurts..”

He read the message and closed the phone.

His heart was beating so fast.

~*~ 3 days Later ~*~

He still hadn't answered to Jin, but he didn't know what to say. They talked for a short time, and Jin was so happy to talk to him....he didn't want to be too happy, he simply wasn't in the mood for that.

University : Bad period (Boring, boring, boring...)

Family : Bad period (Boring, annoying, Boring)

Love-life : Bad period ( unfortunetly not so boring...)

Friends : Two monsters called Koki and Tatsuya

Okay, the last line is not as bad as it seems, but still...

He answered to the little note because he was bored! He didn't want to find a friend, and even more a super excited friend...

When his phone rang, his heart stopped beating.

He looked at the ID and he became white.


He answered, he didn't know why, but he did.

Hello ?”

Can we talk ?”

I don't think so.”

Come on, Kazu...”

I'm busy now, i'll-”

I love you. You know it, you love me too.”

Who said I do ?”

You did, and I love you too...”

See you”

Meet me at the park in front of your place, tomorrow, 7 pm, i'll be waiting baby.”


Kazuya took a deep breath, and dash out of his flat, with only his bag under an arm and a head full of hurtful thoughts.


Come on, it's not a big deal!”

Yamapi sighed again. He took Jin by the arm and shook him.

He's a brat, just forget about it! You look like a kid who had his toy stolen...”

I know, it's not a big deal but it's sad ok ? I think it's sad, because he seemed nice! We talked a lot and well, I really feel like I lost a good friend!”

Jin stood up and went out of the classroom.

I need to get some stuff, i'll be right back.”

Yamapi sat down and sighed...so little papers had such powers ?


He was waiting in a corner. Kazuya was shaking, but funny, the weather was so hot. He didn't know why he was like that anyway, why he came...

To make things clear. Yes.

When he saw his “boyfriend” arrive, his blood stopped in his veins.

The latter came to kiss him but he couldn't move.


A cool hand was caressing his cheek, and he looked up, and saw him.

Long time no see...” Wispered Sato, his voice full of hope.

Who's fault is that ?” Asked Kazuya calmly.

My fault, I know it, but I came back for you, do you know that ? For you!”

Sato took him by the arm and hugged him. He felt so lonely these days..he needed something warm to stick to, a manly presence to help him feel better.

He loved Sato, he really wanted to believe in him, and today, just for today, he'd let himself go into this warmth.

I love you too...” He wispered back.

And hugged him as hard as he could.


Kazuya, wake up!”

Sato shake him, he had a lesson in only 30min, but still refused to go out of bed.

Sato was a year older than him, and he was studying English in the same university. He came back two days ago from his linguistic travel to New-york, where he forgot to give news to his boyfriend, Kazuya.

The same Kazuya who refused to go out of his bed right now.

Kazuya! Come on! You're so going to be late!!!”

One more minute...” growled Kazuya.

Sato laughed.

After 1 hour of pushing and whining, Kazuya was finally at uni, and he was really grumpy.

Hey Kazuya!” Said Koki, his mouth full of cookies.


Sato appeared behind him.

Oh! You're back! Nice to see you dude!” Koki smiled and hugged the latter shortly.

Yes, i'm here now, i'm staying for a long moment now!” Answered Sato with a little smile.

Cool, i'm sure this little pouty thing is happy to see you again haha” Koki laughed and Kazuya grunt again.

He was late this morning, so I had to push him out of bed.”

That's why his hair look...weird.”

Everybody turned around and saw Tatsuya arrive with a smile. Sato looked at him shortly

Hi Tatsu, long time no see!” He waved him

Indeed. Gotta go to class, sorry guys.”

He passed them without a smile.

Don't worry, i'm sure he's alright” winked Koki to Sato.

I hope so...I gotta go now, class is starting soon! See you at lunch baby ?”

Yes, see ya...”

Ehh! Wake up now!!!!”Said Koki

It's okay Koki, i'll be going now.”

When Sato went out, Koki turned to Kazuya

You forgave him again ?”

Kazuya sighed

I guess I did.”

And he entered the classroom, followed by a skeptical Koki.


I'm so gonna fail the next exam Pi, i'm over-screwed!”

Jin let his head fall hard on a table. In a week he had this semester tests, and he wasn't able to quote any single date of this fucking industrialization period in GB.

Well, STUDY ?! How about this idea..?” Pi smirked.

Fuck you.”

That's what you get for doing everything but listening to the teacher. Brat.”

Well I just...fuck you anyway.”

Pi laughed again and sat down.

You know, I heard there's a student who came back from a period in New-York. He had the best mark in the whole promotion, and even got a part-time work in a company there. They are still looking for him in the future...”

I'm happy for him” Jin grunt

It's not like you could ever get to his level anyway hahahaha”


I love you too...”

When 'the guy' entered the classroom, everybody looked at him with curiosity. He was simple, wearing jeans and a white long-sleeved tee-shirt. He smiled to everybody and found a sit at the end of the classroom, next to a very annoyed and panicked Jin.

The latter looked at him and smiled faintly.

Hi, i'm Sato, I started the year with you all, I guess you don't remember...”

Not at all.” Cut Jin

It's ok” Smiled Sato.

Pi hit Jin lightly with his elbow, signaling him to be nicer with the new student.

Welcome back then!” Said Pi to him

Oh thank you!” Answered Sato with a genuine smile.


Did you study for this semester tests ?”


Why not ?”

Don't feel like studying”

Come on Baby...”

Would you stop calling me baby please ?”

Of course babe.”


Brrr brrrr

Sato took his cellphone out of his pocket and smiled. He typed a short text message and put it back to its place.

Who was it ?” asked Kazuya

Ah this ? A friend.”


The phone ringed again and Sato smiled again. He typed another message, longer this time and got up.

I'm going out for a while, you wait for me here babe ?”

...Ok.” Said Kazuya with a little smile.

And he stood here for three hours.


Kazuya was turning and turning in his bed...he couldn't sleep and was wondering where the hell was his boyfriend.

He didn't feel good, as if something bad was happening, and sato was not answering his phone...his heart felt like all these months when Sato was far from him and never called him nor sent him a card.

Then he thought about someone..


He had totally forgot about him.

He took his phone on the night-stand and read the message again.

Maybe he could answer. Maybe Jin won't tell him to piss off...

I'm sorry for answering this late but...things came up. I'm happy we talked too and I hope you won't tell me to forget about your number or something like that. I just wanted to say thank you and tell you that I am glad we were able to talk. Bye.

And he pressed the send button.


Jin felt something vibrate in his pocket. He took his cell phone and saw he had a text message.

From : Kazuya

He made very weird looking face and read the message.

Then he smiled.

He knew Kazuya wasn't like Pi thought he was.

The thing is he didn't know why the message sounded like a farewell.

He started to answer.

I'm feeling better. At first I thought you changed your mind, and didn't want to talk to me anymore. I know we haven't met, but I felt like I'd lost one of my friend. If you feel better now then it's cool. Why does your message sound like a farewell message ? We can talk now...can't we ?

Kazuya read the message. Well it WAS a farewell message. He didn't have time for that. I as mean to say that but, he already had friends, and a friendship who started with papers sticked under a table with a bubble-gum was...well, just weird.

So what now, this Jin thought he'd be his best-friend for ever ? Come on...

He wanted to be mean, and he was so mad at Sato righ now, but well, this guy seemed nice, and...and....he didn't felt like sending him off.

I...Don't know really. I'm not feeling better actually, and I might not be the friend you are looking for.

Jin jumped in his bed. He really should put this on silent mode at night. He kinda knew it was from Kazuya, and honestly, he was scared.


Well, it's not like he was looking for a friend. But well he thought they could talk sometimes. What was so wrong with being social and easy-going ?

He started typing a message.

Oh...I mean, ok. I just want you to know that i'm not looking for a friend. You answered me, so I thought that maybe you were cool with it. I'm sorry I disturbed you. I'll just forget about your number and don't worry, you won't ever find sticky papers under your desk again ;) .

Damn, he felt rejected. But why did it felt like Kazuya had a problem ? For some reason, it..annoyed him ? Maah, he said he wouldn't disturb him again, anyway.

Tags: one-shot., papers
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