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[Fic] Papers

Title: Papers

Author: Me, the one and only XD

Pairing: Akame

Rating: Nc -13

Genre : Romance, Comedy :D

Summary : Bored students, blank pieces of paper and friendship....or..more ?

AN : Ok, for now it's just the beginning, so I just want to know your opinion about the plot and all!!
Please be kind! Non-Betaed.





"The only archaeological evidence found for the Incipient Jomon era is pottery fragments found in the Kanto plain. Kanto is on the eastern side of the island of Honshu where Tokyo is located. It is unknown what these fragments were when complete, but it is thought they are pieces of small round bowls used for eating or possibly storing food. The Incipient Jomon pottery fragments are the oldest ceramics known, appearing more than 2,000 years before ceramics in the Mesopotamian region. Pottery making is usually found in cultures that practice agriculture. However, to date there has been no solid evidence of agricultural practices during the Incipient Jomon..."

A yawn.


"During the initial Jomon - 8,000 B.C. - 5,000 B.C - Pots were produced for cooking and boiling food. These display the characteristic patterns made by pressing shells or plaited cord on the surface of the wet clay prior to firing. The bullet-shaped pots have tapered bases, which are thought to have aided in stabilizing the vessels in the ground, usually ash or soil, at the center of a fire pit..."


Another yawn.


He hated mondays. It was the worst day.


-8 a.m : History of Japan.

-10 a.m : Old language.

-11 a.m : Translation.

-1 p.m : Civilisation.



A soft thud could be heard in the whole lecture hall as the teacher proceeded to give the first rank a bunch of sheets full of thick, little black letters.


"Mou, I had enough of this..."


He sighed.


"You were the one who forced us to choose this bloody history lesson..don't complain."


He sighed again as he took the first bunch of paper from his neighbor'd hands.


"I know."


"So shut up now. We can't hear the teacher."




"We'll kill you later."


This was an ordinary morning in the first year class of Japanese History. Kazuya had choosen this subject because he thought they'd talk about interesting Ninja-like stories, but it seems the teachers was more into pottery and useless rock analysing rather than shurikens and kunais and samurais.


He had also involved his two best-friends into this, telling them how much of a great lesson it would be. They had agreed after hours and hours of begging from the poor boy, and now they were regretting being friends with such an idiotic guy.


He was brought back from his reverie when an elbow came in contact with his ribs.


"Quit sleeping and pass the papers." Tatsuya -Kazuya's best-friend and roomate- wispered quite violently to him.


He obliged and took one for himself. After, they were having a test in two weeks. Even if he wasn't able to concentrate, maybe he'd be able to read this book-like mass of sheets.


"Ne, Kazuya, are you coming to the party tonight or not ?" Asked Koki, the third one and Kazuya's other best buddy.


"I don't think so. I need to catch up all the lessons I missed. But i'll try to go next time." He sighed.


Koki just nodded and went back to his book while Tatsuya was already noting thing on his laptop. They were both so engrossed in the lesson, Kazuya was envious. He so wasn't able to find anything interesting in this.


The teacher stood up.


So, I hope everything’s clear for all of you. Next week’s test is going to be a piece of cake if you at least listened to what I said today.” He said proudly.


Kazuya sighed again. Yeah right, he was so going to fail.


Kazuya, stop looking this miserable. It’s not that bad, you brat.” Teased Koki while showing the important parts to another lost student.


It’s not about being bad or not. It’s just awfully boring.” He moaned.


Maybe he should sell his body. Easy money was always welcomed. He was about to take out his light-blue folder -The special History one- when He was something fell from under the desk.


It was a piece of paper with something written on it.


Hello” It said.


Kazuya smiled. Maybe things were getting interesting.


Hello” He wrote back, and put the paper back at its place, stick under the desk.



Damn it!” Someone cursed in frustration.


Would you shut the fuck up please ?” Another person said.


But why are we even here ?”


I don’t know. The door was open, we thought maybe it would be a good idea to enter.”


Cut the sarcasm, Pi”


Cut the whining Jin”


The two boys looked at each other, sighing, and went back to their lesson.


Jin and Yamashita - aka Pi- were both student in the English department. They were already in their third year and were aiming for their license. Jin wanted to be a teacher in a secondary school, while Pi, who was also taking the sport program, just wanted to improve his English (Jin has also dragged him..but he refused to admit he actually agreed to this.). They were having one hell of an English lesson on the industrialization in the UK. Jin was more of an American freak, so talking about posh guys was not his forte.


They were doing their best to follow everything, and Pi seemed to succeed pretty well, but Jin was more than bored. He looked like a lifeless doll, with his head resting on the cold wooden desk, tagged over the years by other bored students.


I had enough. Once this is over, I’m not coming back.” Jin said, whining again.


You said the same thing yesterday, moron.” Sighed Pi, fed up by his childish friend.


Jin snorted, and proceed to close his eyes. He had to find a way to stop this, or just, find motivation, but it seems it wouldn’t come to him.


His hand was drawing incoherent pattern on the bright paper. Round, curly and straight lines were dancing in the sheet, apparently as lost as Jin and desperate to find something interesting to do.


He draw a little hello. And another one, and another. And it hit him.


It was like in these movies were people wrote things on papers, before putting it in a bottle and throwing it into the sea.


He was going to do the same. Well, without the bottle, and the sea, obviously.


He took a new piece a paper and cut it, before writing another “Hello” In it. Looking for a place to put it discreetly, he took a piece of his chewing-gum and stick it under the desk, before putting the paper on it.


He heard pi say “You’re disgusting” But brushed it off, feeling like a genius

Now now, he just had to wait and see, on his next lesson, if someone would see it.


Funny, now he was eager to come back.


He didn’t even heard the bell ringing loudly in the whole class.






Don’t tell me you’re still “talking” using these shitty papers ?” Pi laughed as they were noting their new lesson’s title about art and religion in the UK (Jin had thrown a fit when the teacher said they weren’t going to study the US now.)


It had been two weeks since he had started talking with this person, apparently as bored as he was. He didn’t knew a lot about him, except his name. : Kazuya. He was studying Japanese, and this class was also his Japanese History class - where we was spending two hours listening to useless things, if you ask Jin – The latter was surprised that someone had answered this fast but he was happy.







So now i'm going to give you back the tests you did last week...this is really not brilliant kids. I'll have to go back to the pottery part of the lesson.”


Kazuya's head hit the table again and everybody suppressed a gasp. Damn pottery.


The teacher was now giving them their sheets back when Kazuya took another paper from his yellow folder.


I'm going to die in this room.”


And he put it under the desk.


Today was going to be a very very long day.






It became a habit between them. Every time Jin entered the classroom, he left a little message to Kazuya, telling him how bored he was, and how he'd prefer being out, and have some good party.


Kazuya always laughed at how incorrigible Jin was. But he was as bored as the other, and soon, it became a habit to write little notes to each other. The more they were talking, the more they became friends.


One day, Jin decided he'd write his phone number. Maybe Kazuya wanted to talk to him too, and well, maybe they could see each other. Someday.




Jin! What if he's mental, or what if it's just someone trying to mess up with you ?” Pi said one day right after Jin glued another little paper under the desk.


Then I don't care.” Shrugged Jin.


You should have never let you think alone. You are never up to something good when you think.” Pi laughed and Jin had to smack him on the head to make him stop. He hated how he was not taken seriously about this. He was sure Kazuya was friendly in real. And it was even more exiting not to know him. He was dead serious about his new friend. Damn this arrogant Pig.


Anyway, i'm sure he'll answer.” Jin was so full of confidence. Pi laughed again and had to run for his life in the middle of the university's garden.






Clouds...clouds are so thick.. They look like big, melting stains in a light blue carpet. They are all so white and creamy, they look like the top of a nicely made cappuccino, a big guiness...


Kazuya has always wondered what it would feel to walk, or lay onto one of these big, sweet cloud.


Tatsuya took a bite of his tuna/mayonnaise sandwich, and laughed.


What ?” Kazuya said with a tired voice. He sat down again and opened his salad, ready to pour some sauce on it.


I was thinking about something...” answered his friend.


About...?” Kazuya asked, his voice full of suspicion.


About you and your 'friend'...I was wondering, are you going to give him your number ?”


Nah..I don't think I should, maybe he'll think i'm a weirdo...or a nerd, or both.” sighed Kazuya.


Why would he ? You're far from being a weirdo, or even a nerd. It's not like you can use a PC or read lots of book. Well, you're dumb.”


Tatsuya laughed again and Kazuya threw his neatly cut tomatoe at him.


Right now, he was still wondering why he had given his phone number to this super-cool guy.

Oh boy, he was screwed.

[ A Suivre ~]
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