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07 April 2010 @ 11:35 pm
[fic] The Simple Life ~Chapter 12~  

Author: Me >w<

Pairing: Akame / ??/Kame (for now)

Rating: NC – 17

Genre: Romance, Humour, Action (Violence)

Disclaimer : The story is inspired from the drama Last Friends (just a little ) and part of a conversation I had with those pervy Kame addicts: P. The characters are not mine.

Summary: Everyone always tries to hide his true personality. When someone is vulnerable it’s better to wear a mask, to play and overplay, just to prove that everything is fine. This is an encounter between two souls, a man without real purpose and another one whose life is already mapped out.

Thx to the wonderfulgal_ps for translating this for me! *huggles*

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Chapter 12




When Jin detached himself from Kazuya, the younger one was more than shocked.


"So tell me ... do I look like I’m disgusted?"


Jin’s face was enlightened with a big smile, which brought tears to the the younger man's eyes.


Jin, himself, had the impression he was speaking to a child.


A child who had just jumped right into his arms.


"There seems to be two persons in you ... the you that everyone sees, and the second you – the one I see now… it's interesting."


Jin hadn’t stopped stroking his hair, and Kazuya felt himself at peace, he was so tired.


Jin noticed that, and let him close his eyes.


After all, he deserved a little rest...





Kazuya opened his eyes with difficulty. It was so dark in the room it took him ages to remember he was in Jin’s room.


And he noticed that he was in the older one’s arms.


Kazuya wanted to leave. He It shouldnt abuse the kindness of the man who would soon realize that staying close to him would bring him nothing but trouble.


But he felt so good at this place. He had an impression that nothing would happen to him, that Jin would never say horrible things to him. He had full confidence in the older.


And this feeling frightened him more than anything.


He was shaken off his thoughts when Jin grunted in his sleep. He moved a little bit, trying to regain a comfortable position on this single bed that was creaking slightly under their weight.


Kazuya sat up for a moment.


Maybe Jin was right, maybe he wasnt so disgusting after all. Takki had him drooling for nearly 6 years ... For 6 years he repeated the same thing ... After all, he didnt deserve this


.. He even came to accuse the farm. It was horrible. His father have certainly hated him for thinking like that. He laid down again.




"Kazuya ..."

"Yes, daddy?"


The old man who was lying on the narrow hospital bed tried to sit up, but nearly slipped off the bed.


"Dad! Please stay still..."


Kazuya was on the verge of tears. He was no longer able to see his father in such state. He put the white cotton blanket over the body who laid almost inert on the bed.


"Kazuya, take care for your mother .. you know how fragile she is .."

"Yes dad, I’ll do everything you want but please stop talking like that .. like you'll die .."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure .."


Kazuya had wept bitterly, and paid no attention to the nurses who asked him to leave.


"Help a little in the farm. Dont let the employees and your mother alone .. If necessary, bring Takizawa-san. His grandmother is sick and he needs a job. He has always been so nice to you. I know you've only 17 years .. but I would like our name to continue living .. I would like you to be the pride of the family. So, Kazuya ... "


The nurse pulled him by the arm while the old man seemed to sleep deeply...


Kazuya didn't even had the time to reply ...


"Do-don’t .. cant .. never… why ... please, stay ... COME BACK!"

"Kazuya, Kazuya .. calm down .."


Jin had practically jumped out of bed when Kazuya shouted. The latter seemed to panic and looked across the room where only a low-light indicated that the day had barely got up out of the soft shades of the black.


"Kazuya .. are you ok?"


Jin tried not to rush it, because the younger seemed as he was still in his nightmares.


"Kazuya answer me ... please..."


Jin breathed at last, when Kazuya finally looked at him.


"I failed ... I messed up everything ..."


"I cant .. he must hate me now.. Jin .. what can I do?"


He looked so panicked that Jin didnt even think about asking what was the reason that had put Kazuya in a such state.


"Right now you're not going to do anything, you're just going to sleep, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow."

"But if I fall asleep, it’ll start all over .."

"So think about something else .."


Jin drew Kazuya back near him as they were laying on the bed. He gently cradled him while Kazuya stubbornly kept his eyes open.


"What should I think of?"

"I dont know ... just something that makes you feel good?"


Kazuya moved back a little to look into Jin, and Jin felt he almost died under the younger man's eyes. He, however, didnt speak and just contented himself to watch.


"Yes ..?"


To tell the truth Jin was a bit lost. He had virtually no sleep at all, and he could feel very clearly how much Kazuya had been sweating during the night.


The bed was so small.


Kazuya closed his eyes.


Jin thought he would fall back to sleep, and then he would also himself try to get back to sleep,when a voice called out.


"Jin .."


"I cant do it .. I tried, but everything is connected... everything is back.."


Jin didnt answer. He didnt know what to say in fact, and turned his back to Kazuya. The later was motionless, and only breathing his that was a little too fast was breaking the heavy silence.


Jin heard sniffing, and only after the fourth one he turned back.


And he saw him.


Kazuya was fighting against the sleep, and his clouded with tears eyes were fixed to Jin. His whole being seemed so empty.


Jin finally noticed how much the young man was broken.


Then he gently put his hands on the cheeks of the younger, and wiped the flowing drops.


"So if you cant do it .."


He approached his face close to the other’s. Slowly. Kazuya looked so fragile that he was afraid he'd break him into a thousand pieces ... He now saw clearly the bright eyes on the face of the younger which pierced through him.


"You can think about me .."


When he placed his lips on his, Kazuya wondered if he had the right to feel butterflies in his stomach, and, while Jin was the most gentle in the world, he also wondered if finally he had the right to dream.





They were back asleep. Kazuya had finally seek refuge in Jin and hid his face in the scope of the latter. They had their legs intertwined.


When Kazuya opened his eyes again it was noon.


He had never slept so well.


He let his hand go up the body of the older and then it went behind his neck, to stick a little more against him.


He wanted to take advantage of being with Jin. Just a bit more.


Just the time for his heart to calm down.




Jin had followed an invisible path on Kazuya's face, and has now descended on his neck that he was discovering little by little.


The younger man was motionless, submitted. He was repeating his name as if it was part of a magic mantra.


When Jin went up to his ear to whisper a few words to him, Kazuya pulled slightly on the thick mass of hair of the older to kiss him in turn, showing him that he appreciated the way things were going.


In reality, Kazuya rediscovered everything. It's been so long since someone had shown him so much affection. It felt like he was playing with the forbidden fruit.


When Jin finally detached himself from the young man, the later closed his eyes and let himself be overwhelmed by a flood of emotions that made him shiver.


"Are you cold?"

"No, it’s not that.."

"Go back to sleep .."



Kazuya felt uneasy after what they had done. After all, maybe that Jin had done everything just to calm him dawn, to ease the one that had prevented him from sleeping for nearly half an hour.

He was about to turn his back when he felt Jin's hand on his arm.


"Kazuya ..."


Kazuya ... he loved so much when Jin called him this way. He turned and saw the smile Jin was giving him.


It was so reassuring that Kazuya felt his lips slightly curve into smile.


He then fell asleep at the time Jin gripped him tight against himself and then twisted Kazuya’s hair between his fingers.



When Jin opened his eyes, Kazuya was no longer there. He felt the empty space for a moment and his stomach tightened.


What if he had faced Takki?


He got up at full speed and didnt take the time to change before rushing to open the door.


He just stopped, however, facing a Kazuya shocked at his doorstep.


And especially a very ... wet Kazuya.




That's it, he went back on “stupid mode”, except that this time, he had just awakened. He tried a smile.


".. Hi."



Jin seemed like he was paralyzed, and he had just remembered what had happened earlier during the night. Kazuya was observing him perplexed.


".. can I enter?"


When he saw that Jin didnt answer, he continued, feeling a lump in his throat.


"Ah yes, sorry, I'll go, I have too much abused you and your time. I, I probably shouldnt come back here to sleep. .. Thank you for your help."


Jin finally woke up.


"No no! Come in. Sorry, I'm a little sleepy ..."

Given the reluctance of the latter, he opened the door wide and let him pass.


Kazuya spoke again.


"It's almost 2pm .. it’s super late ... I would like to make at least a few things before nightfall, and above all .. I’d like to see how is Kudai."

"Yes yes, of course, do I have time to shower?"

"I will prepare something to eat ... so go ahead."


Kazuya waited, but Jin was content to take the needed things after sending him a tiny smile.


He was disappointed a little to see that Jin didnt seem as much affected by what happened in the night as him. He who hadn’t stopped thinking.


He went out of the room dragging slowly his feet. He really needed to think about something else.




"It was very good, thank you."


Kazuya took the plate that Jin just had finished, and put it in the sink.


"You don’t eat?"

"Im not hungry .."



Jin looked at him for a moment searching for another reason behind the sudden lack of appetite of the younger.


"As you wish."


He got up and went to put his boots.


"Shall we?



It was 6 pm when they ended all the work on the farm.


Oddly Jin remained very quiet, but he acted mostly as if nothing had happened ...


.. and this really annoyed Kazuya.


The others were all gone a bit earlier and only one thing was left to do


He walked quickly to the last box of the stable, where the single swing door was painted in midnight blue. On it, one could see written "Kudai".


The animal was fairly quiet today, a sign that she was recovering slowly from the poisoning she suffered. Kazuya still didn’t have a clue from where it had come from.


Since then she had eaten in her own manger and remained distant from others. Kazuya was so afraid that something else would happen.


He stroked her gently and put his forehead against Kudai’s head.


"Heal yourself quickly .."


He patted her gently on the back end and then left.


He was so surprised to see that Jin was waiting for him outside.


"Is she better now?"

"She’s recovering slowly..."


They started walking back to the house and Kazuya spoke.


"I'll return to my room ... tonight ..."


Jin stopped and watched him.


"Are you kidding? When he comes back ... he will..."

"No... I do not think ..."


Kazuya was going back into the house, when he heard the Jin’s voice rising a notch.


"Stop lying, I know very well that tomorrow you'll even find it difficult to get up!"

"And what do I do then? Do I have to tell him that I took possession of your bed? "

"No, you will avoid him until he calms down."

"Until he calms down ..."


Kazuya laughed.

"Because you think he will calm down ..."

"He has no choice ..."

"What do you mean?"

"You forget that we are three in this house ..."

"And what are you gonna do?"

"I’ve no idea for now, but I already have a little plan … you will avoid being alone with him. And don’t worry I'm the best in the role of the sticky idiot."


Jin walked past him, and walked toward the kitchen.


"I'm hungry!"




The dinner was proceeding in silence while Takki was devouring his okonomiaki.


Jin himself did the same, launching small "it's delicious" in passing.


Takki was contented to agree grumbling, without looking up.


Kazuya wasnt very hungry and ate as slowly as a turtle in front of a huge lettuce leaf.


When they had finished, Takki spoke.


"Kazuya, I'll go to bed or you want me to wait for you?"

"I'm going to the combini tonight."


"I'll go and see obachan. I'll be back tomorrow."


Jin observed them. He was in a sort so proud of Kazuya. He was especially proud of pushing the younger to change his mind. He spoke.


"Oh, I'll go with you! I miss the old lady from the combini!"


Takki didnt know what else to say. And in both cases, he wouldnt end up alone with Kazuya tonight.


He was content just to watch the two young men one by one before he threw his plate in the sink and climbed up the stairs.


Kazuya could finally breathe out and then turned to face a smiling Jin.


"I was really afraid" Kazuya said


When Jin's laughter echoed through the kitchen, Kazuya felt a little bit more free.




"Well, no sleeping tonight ?”

"I’ll sleep on the floor."



Jin turned his head on one side, like a dog that didn’t understand the orders had been given to him.


"The ... the bed is too small."

"Come on, you are so so slim, so there shouldn’t be any worries. Go get in."

"I told you, I'll sleep on the floor!"

"Ok … ok, but don’t complain if you got an aching back tomorrow. Especially when you're only in t-shirt ..."


Then Jin protruded his tongue and laid down on the bed.


"Good Night."

"Good night, Jin."




A small shadow was moving slowly in the dark. It trembled. It was still a dark night and it looked like everything in the room was covered with a thick layer of black ink similar to clouds of coal.


Kazuya shivered. What a stupid idea to sleep on the floor while the heating was off. Why

did he turned it off anyway...


That idiot.


The said idiot was sleeping peacefully wrapped in a blue duvet that covered the bed.


When Kazuya approached the bed, he had no time to react Jin had already revealed a corner of the thick cotton layer.


"I told you that the floor wasn't so comfortable."


Kazuya pretended to pout and then got quickly into bed.


"What what?!"


Jin squeaked.


"Your legs .. they are frozen .."

"I’m sorry .."


While Kazuya was going to leave the bedside, Jin held him.


"Come back here.."


He had already pulled the younger towards himself and wrapped him in the quilt.


"Jin you must not feel obliged to-"

"Shut up and don’t start with your speech about "I'm disgusting and repulsive" ok?"


Kazuya quickly stopped him.


"I don’t want you to do it out of pity. I think I've had enough of it."


Jin smiled.


"So why would you like me to do?"


If Jin had a camera, he would have surely used it since the expression of the young man was so weird.



"I ... I don't know."

"Oh, too bad, then call it a pity."


"So what?"

".. I would like you to do it because you ... because you want it, here, you’re satisfied now."

"And what about you Kazuya, do you want it?"

"What do I want what?"


Jin gripped him quickly and let his hands roam on his cheek.


"That I do things like that .."


Kazuya had closed his eyes.


"If you want it ..."


Jin laughed again.


"It was about time you finally go out a little of that hell .."


He then grabbed him a little more and found his lips smiling.

That night Kazuya had failed to sleep.


He watched, scrutinized Jin's face who was asleep, so close to himself.


Perhaps the falling leaf wasn t so dead.

AN : tadaaaann!! Hehe i'm back! i finished this pretty quickly and beta-ed it so i hope everything's clear ~~. I hope i'll be able to continue as fast as this chapter, but since i got a bloody food poisoning...i'm kinda err...dead now ? xD I almost feel like a pregnant woman -_-"
So anyway, if u liked/hated this, please comment~~! Luv you guys!
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kattun_newsfankat_tun_newsfan on April 7th, 2010 11:12 pm (UTC)
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RINookameoo on April 8th, 2010 08:59 am (UTC)
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They are just so cute and sweet~~
I loved this chapter a lot!!
I enjoyed how Kazu stood up to Takki with Jin's help.
I see that Jin is giving Kazu a lot of strength and confidence which is good
I can't wait for the next chapter~~
Thanks a lot for this wonderful update *hugs*
Garnetgarnet_light on April 8th, 2010 12:41 am (UTC)
OMG! ('m so loving how things are progressing between akame!!
They are just so cute and sweet~~
I loved this chapter a lot!!
I enjoyed how Kazu stood up to Takki with Jin's help.
I see that Jin is giving Kazu a lot of strength and confidence which is good
I can't wait for the next chapter~~
Thanks a lot for this wonderful update *hugs*
RINookameoo on April 8th, 2010 09:01 am (UTC)
Sweetness is love!

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I'll try to update ASAP XD

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RINookameoo on April 10th, 2010 09:58 am (UTC)
yes they are ~~ i'm glad you liked it!

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bellemainecbellemainec on April 9th, 2010 11:30 am (UTC)
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RINookameoo on April 10th, 2010 09:59 am (UTC)
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