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05 December 2009 @ 10:13 pm
The simple Life -Chapter 7-  

Author: Me >w<

Pairing: Akame / ??/Kame (for now)

Rating: NC – 17

Genre: Romance, Humour, Action (Violence)

Disclaimer : The story is inspired from the drama Last Friends (just a little ) and part of a conversation I had with those pervy Kame addicts: P. The characters are not mine.

Summary: Everyone always tries to hide his true personality. When someone is vulnerable it’s better to wear a mask, to play and overplay, just to prove that everything is fine. This is an encounter between two souls, a man without real purpose and another one whose life is already mapped out.

gal_ps for translating this for me! *huggles*

Prologue & Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Chapter 7

"Jin, I beg you, listen to me .. you, no, no, watch out!" Takki almost fainted for the fifth time this day. He took a mental note to call the father of Jin, and tell him, that he would not be responsible if Jin was going to cut off his arm with the saw.

"Shit, I can’t do it!" murmured a little bit nervous Jin before removing his gloves, ready to fight with the log of wood.

"I thought I'd have cut the wood with the ancient saws with a hatchet and everything" said Jin, while grasping the handle of the disobedient machine.

"Just not this way, cause we must cut the wood in a 'square' shape in order to strengthen the fence of horses and elongate it, because this lady over there, will soon give birth." Takki proudly announced the news to the young man, whose mouth was wide open to the idea of seeing a mare giving birth.

".. I would not be forced to see it, right?" Jin chilled. No, an animal who would brings another animal from its body, well it wasn’t something he though he should see.

"No, dont worry, it's Kazuya who would care about it. It’s his mare."

Jin's mouth made a short "O" in sign of surprise and then he grabbed the machine in hand, determined to master it correctly.


They were stretched between braindille freshly cut grass. They laughed as they always did before being scolded by Kazuya who found them still slumped.

"Say, do you think Kazuya is okay?"

"He looks healthy, he yells as always .."

"Yes, but dont you think he looks weak?"

"Weak, Kazuya? I don’t think so"

"But I know there’s something within him…"

"Koki, you are worried for nothing really .."

"But I would ask him at least!"

"Well feel free to do it, but even if something was wrong, Kazuya would be the last person to complain"

"This is precisely why I think we have to check him out!"


Currently the four employees of the firm had stopped their jokes and pondered. While Koki seemed worried about his friend, the others didnt look bothered more than they were used to and for them grumpy and silent Kazuya was normal Kazuya.

"He’s not smiling anymore as he used to ..."

"What do you mean?"

"I feel like he's smiling but at the same time he is empty inside .. Tatchan you’re his best friend and"

"Kazuya has changed, he is different, but strangely I've never been worried about him. The work on the farm and the live with Hideaki-san have taken all of his time, and I understand that. After all this is normal, he doesn’t know anything but this life ... Before he wasnt much more happier, and I would say that with the years passing by and everything he had to overcome he has just matured faster than others. "

"I’ll try to find something. I have a bad feeling .."

"Do whatever you think is right, but don’t mess with Kazuya’s life, you know he hates that." Tatsuya concluded before getting up and leaving in the direction of the big bags which served to gather the dead grass harvested earlier.


Jin walked towards the small combini where Takki had asked him to go and get some more bread and also bags of pasta and rice. Jin was more or less happy, he was hungry and said it could be a good opportunity to satisfy his gluttony without being seen by anyone. When he entered the small shop, he immediately saw the old lady who had welcomed him, when he had arrived in the town. She was again so imobile, and her breathing was irregular. She coughed from time to time and Jin had almost decided to call the paramedics when a attack of continuous cough had attained the old lady. Jin was really fascinated by this combini with a strange atmosphere. Everything was arranged so neatly and Jin wondered how an apparently so fragile old lady, could so well place too heavy packets on a such height.

"You're in the farm Hideaki?" The small hoarse voiceof the old lady filled the silence of the shop, and Jin turned to her, after being into full psychological reflection on the different package of pasta.

"Yes ma'am" He returned to the bread department, and took two more, smiling at the idea of eating them on the way home.

"You work there?" She leaned her vision on Jin in any detail ... from top to the bottom. Jin felt embarrassed and pretended to go to the area of drinks, after responding with a shake of his head.

Jin advanced in quick steps to the cashier where he waited for the old lady to come up for taking the money.

"Excuse me, I can’t find the nori" Jin explained with an embarrassed smile. There were so many packets, and brands he didn’t know, so he had a hard time making his choice.

"Second raw of the first shelf from the bottom." He ran up the site and took the first package of nori that he had seen before returning.

"You know, you must learn to look around yourself." The old lady had sat down again and had pulled a small wooden yellow uchiwa and shooked it slowly. Jin stopped frozen on his spot and looked at her, torn between two choices: to ask for the total, or to flee.

"You can go, it's on me this time." Laughed the old lady. She had a laughter like the old ladies in manga, and it seemed as her voicewould break at any time. Jin slowly bowed and thanked the old lady, who shook her head toward him.

When Jin returned to the farm, he was so concerned about what the old lady had told him so he completely forgot his buns.


The sun was unusually strong that day, and Kazuya had to resist the terrible urge to take off his t-shirt; passing towards the shadowy corners he had spotted earlier. Deciding it was time for a well deserved break, he returned to fetch his pack of cigarettes which was poking from the empty niche in the wall of varnished wood.

He entered and almost collided into someone he hadn’t time to see. He fell on his buttocks and let out a small hiss showing his pain.

"Oops, Sorry! Really, Are you OK?"

Kazuya looked up and found himself face to face a smiling Jin who held out a hand towards him. He looked around briefly, then raised his head towards Jin, whose smile was slowly beginning to fade. He was nearly ready to pull out his hand when Kazuya took the offered hand and rose slowly.

"You OK? I’m sorry, I had to go find some .. thing."

Jin stopped. Kazuya was still holding his hand and had his head down, leaving some strands covering his eyes. Jin squeezed his hand and shook it gently, lowering to his level.

"Yoohoo, you’re OK?"

Kazuya looked up in this moment.

"Huum yes .. I just have a pain on the spot I fell on." He removed quickly his hand from Jin’s one, as if it was burning him. "But it went away now. I’m sorry for .." He pointed the hand of Jin. "Im a little bit tired and I didnt pay attention." He smiled. If he could convince the older, that he was fine with that, he would have just to claim an Oscar and go to Broadway right away.

To his surprise, an enormous smile appeared on Jin’s face.

"Sorry ... I’ve got this feeling that whenever I see you, you always end up with feeling bad somewhere .." He scratched the back of his head, slaping himself mentally for telling such a lousy joke. Feeling he had said something stupid, he continued:

"Oh…finally ... I gotta go." Jin just disappeared in an instant, leaving Kazuya in a daze on the doorstep.

The later laid a hand on his backside and then made a grimace before passing the gate and taking his pack of cigarettes. It was the best moment of the day, if someone have asked him.


The light was very clear outside, but strangely the shadowed corner where Kazuya was sitting was unusually dark. Only the tip of his cigarette was glittering as a small red dot in the air when Kazuya sucked it slowly. With every taken breath a small cloud of smoke was lost in the darkness before it joined the sun and disappeared. Kazuya leaned his head against the wall of the barn. He didnt like this place, but he found it so quiet. The break had lasted a little longer than expected, and Kazuya was surprised to see already four cigarette butts at his feet. He stood up and gently rubbed the bottom of his suit before returning to the fields where he was going to take some bags full of cut grass to the barn. He arrived and saw two young men collecting the bags on a little corner of the meadow.

"Ah, Kazuya, I was just coming to get you, we have 4 bags full of cut grass, and this took a little longer than expected .."

"Where are Tatchan and Junno?"

"Tatchan told me, that Takki called him to check the fence of the horses, they should enlarge it. I just sent Junno to get me some tools from the workshop to finish repairing the boards of the henhouse.

"Oh, thank you Koki" Kazuya was going back to take a bag of grass when the latter's voice was heard.

"Kazuya, is it everything ok with you?" He asked carefully, almost with fear. And while Yuichi had also stopped with a bag in hands, watching closely Kazuya, the two were surprised to see the young man turned towards them with a neutral expression.

"Everything’s going well, why?"

"You seemed tired, and not well physically, I probably am imagining things .."

"I am a little tired .."

He seized the first bag and went to the barn and missed the concerned faces of Koki and Yuichi.


"Tatsuya you take care of the fence with Jin? We finally finished all cutting"

"It took you that long just for 8 logs?" Tatsuya answered with arching his brows

"Let’s say, Jin had learned how to handle the saw .. and he failed to cut more than eight logs"

The laughter embarrassed Jin while all three of the employees stood around the pile of freshly cut logs. They looked at him, and then resumed laughing.

"Good, now you have seven poles to be raised, as you know land is not good, and the poles had to grip tightly the soil, so you just have to take the saw and to dig holes into logs, this would take you maximum up to ten minutes. Then you lift up the poles you dig good to put the logs back.. I would say, twenty twenty-five centimeters deep. I’ll bring the hammer, Jin will do it. Put them nicely so they will be stationary and after that you put the poles. Then you force the pole into the hole. Ah yes, I forgot take the one from nineteen-inch, it’s better for the job.

Jin had fallen asleep three times and bit the inside of the cheek not to say "so, what are we going to do?". He simply turned towards Tatsuya at the leaving of Takki, with a pleading eyes.

"I suppose you haven’t listen at all ..."

Jin bowed his head.

"Good now, come we will do it quickly, I’m not very fascinated by shoving the poles in the round logs of wood..." Jin laughed at this remark while Tatsuya brought the first round log to the workshop.

Twenty minutes later ...

"Jiiin, stop it, I'll do it!"

"But don’t worry, I’ve made it!"

"You have nearly decapitated me and you call this “job well done”. Stop the hammer!"

Kazuya folded the second bag of grass he had just brought to the barn and ran up towards the source of the problem. Tatsuya’s hair was in the air while Jin sulked in the other corner.

"What happened?" he asked, trying hard to suppress the his laughter.

"He can’t work with the hammer, I can’t believe it .. he cant do something so simple ..." Tatsuya repeated over and over again as to convince himself such a thing was possible.

"I can do it!" Jin pouted even more.

Kazuya was about to leave when he heard muttering Tatsuya

"No wonder, that Hideaki-san left him with me .."

He stopped abruptly. He was still struggling and feeling bad when someone spoke of Takki, because of the countless evenings spent with the farmer returned flashing in his head. He gathered himself and then went away in slow motion.


He was sitting by the kitchen table for nearly half an hour. He could not sleep. Kazuya was smoking his umpteenth cigarette of the day, feeling that once he got up into the room he couldn’t freely do anything anymore. He finally understood a feeling that few people can recall. He understood in the end the feelings of people in prison, sentenced to death and awaiting the day with big D. The last moment when the prisoner had his final wish and had found himself walking down the "death row"(“green mile”). Kazuya hadn’t thought that one day he would be afraid only from the idea of returning to his own room. But he had to face the truth: the longer time it takes to get upstairs, the more furious would be Takki. Especially tonight, he didnt want very furious Takki.

He touched his right hand for a last time and then went towards the bedroom.


It was almost dark when Jin sat down next to Tatsuya, while two of them were breathless.

The animals were all gathered in stables, and employees were gone home. The end was surprisingly calm and the fresh night air cooled down the two young men in sweat whose breathing was still irregular.

"We needed barely an hour and a half to put everything in order Jin, do you realize it?" Blew out the older.

"I'm sorry" Jin felt he hadn’t say anything but this sentence since his arrival, he was doing everything wrong, while in reality he did want just one thing – someone to tell him " You worked hard and did good today”. He turned to Tatsuya.

"Tell me, Kazuya is he ... some kind of a boss here?"

Tatsuya was playing with a mini log made by wood with hole inside.

"Yes, let’s say he is on the same level as Hideaki-san"

"You dont call him Takki?"

"No,I don’t. First he’s my boss. Secondly, I find it ridiculous" he ended in a chuckle.

"He looks pretty comprehensive. In any case he knows what he's doing."

Tatsuya remained immersed in thought. His face darkened. He whispered.

"I wonder if he’s always aware of what it does .."

"How come?"

"No, I would say, he always knew what he was doing, it is a good farmer."

Both of them looked up. The sky was so dark pink and the moon was shining just like a sun. The few clouds gave the paleness of the decor, like an aquarelle where the water determines the tone. Some stars were visible, but Jin had to squint to see them. Tatsuya rose.

"I'm going back. Tomorrow Im not here, so don’t do something stupid." He had learned the way Jin spoke, as to lighten the atmosphere after much silence, which was too much for his taste.

"See you soon" Jin smiled and raised his hand in his direction.

The young man stood there for a moment, but then started walking as he felt he was almost falling asleep on a freshly welded studs on the ground.


"Ah, here you are .."

Takki approached him like a cat, and Kazuya was surprised. It was as if the older had something in mind today.

"Kazu, I need a massage .. I had a hard day." Laughed the older

"No. .."

Takki had stopped, stilled.


"I said no."

"And where did you get this sudden urge to be rebellious?"

Kazuya congratulated himself for staying near the door but was startled when Takki crashed a small vase on the floor, shattering it into a thousand pieces. The only flower that was in the vase, a yellow tulip, fell down, as in a slow cadence for Kazuya.

"What is this "no"? What do you think you’re doing, …ha?"

"I will not do it."

For Kazuya’s big surprise, Takki burst out laughing.

"You .. you will not do it? Kazu I swear I prefer you rebelious, you're much more fun when you whine for hours.

Kazuya felt stupid for the tears he shed for something so small. But he couldn’t hold it anymore. It was really getting more and more difficult to cope with such situations, and he didn’t know what to do.

"I'll try to explain to you" Takki went so quickly towards him that Kazuya felt he was almost glued against the wall. He passed a hand across his cheek.

"Here, I am the rule, and if I tell you to spread you legs and to shut up, simple you do it – you spread your legs and shut your mouth, see?" Kazuya closed his eyes. He chanted to himself “Don’t cry, especially dont weep.

"What? You're already back into a depression mode? Oh, don’t worry ..."

Kazuya didnt understand why it happened but when Takki had slapped him, he almost fell on the ground. He felt more tears from pain was pouring down but paid no attention. He was contented only to push violently Takki and to rush to the door.

Yes he would? He didnt know. And when he was down just to the end of the hall, he knew that Takki wouldnt come that far. He liked to find him when he was alone, but this place of the passage made his task almost impossible. His legs guided him to the kitchen where he took scarcely time to put his shoes, while he was still in pajama, to escape. Only he didnt expect to collide to the person who had just opened the door.

"Ahhhh, I'm sorry! I ..."

Kazuya looked up in surprise. He was really surprised when he crossed the eyes of Jin, who were pointed on his cheek, where he was sure there might be a visible red marks of fingers. He ran his hands over his face in order to remove the tears that were there then passed nearby Jin still running. While Jin was trying to assimilate what was going on he entered in the kitchen, deciding that it wasn’t much better choice to follow Kazuya. He would surely come back. Putting his jacket on the chair in the kitchen, he took a glass for water and jumped in surprise when he saw Takki in the doorway.

"Ah, you're here .. you scared me."

"It's been a while since you've been here?"

Jin looked at him. He seemed in a hurry ....

"No, I haven’t." he replied while finishing his glass of water.

"Have you seen Kazuya outside? He was feeeling bad, I would like to see him."

Jin turned to the sink in order to leave his glass, and with a great sigh he re-crossed eyes with the older and said

"No, I didnt see him .."

AN I'm sure you love Jin now...No ?
I'm waching this competition full of girls in super mini swimm suit..somehow i can't concentrate even if i'm tired like hell...xD
Comments are love!

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Maï: Jin - Bright Dayskerua on December 6th, 2009 11:13 am (UTC)
c'est bien,pour une fois Jin a bien fait xDDD

Heureusement que Koki est là pour remarquer que quelque chose ne vas pas~~

Et c'est bien,Kazuya s'est finalement un peu rebellé! XDD

Vivement le prochain chapitre,comme toujours~
Garnetgarnet_light on December 7th, 2009 08:07 am (UTC)
Yaaaaay for Jin!! *hugs Jin*
I just love him for lying to Takki.
I wonder what's Takki problem treating Kazu like that. Isn't it enough that he kills him each time he sleeps or more like rape him?
He also treats him coldly and very harshly!!
I'm so mad at him!! Wish I could kill him!!

I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next chapter, I hope Jin will go after Kazu~
Thanks a lot for this awesome update!
I totally loved this~~
dorayaki_chandorayaki_chan on December 7th, 2009 09:11 am (UTC)
awesome asusual