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[fic] The simple Life - Chapter 5 -

Author: Me >w<

Pairing: Akame / ??/Kame (for now)

Rating: NC – 17

Genre: Romance, Humour, Action (Violence)

Disclaimer : The story is inspired from the drama Last Friends (just a little ) and part of a conversation I had with those pervy Kame addicts: P. The characters are not mine.

Summary: Everyone always tries to hide his true personality. When someone is vulnerable it’s better to wear a mask, to play and overplay, just to prove that everything is fine. This is an encounter between two souls, a man without real purpose and another one whose life is already mapped out.

A.N.: Some scenes may upset and shock you. Violence, rape /cough/ I apologize in advance. I hope you'll like it! Thx to the fabulous
[info]gal_ps for translating this for me! *huggles*.

Prologue & Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Chapter 5

He put his head on the kitchen table his eyes closed. His hands were playing with the empty glass on the table, producing noise from the rolling the bright crystal on the table. He puffed again. Jin dozed for nearly forty minutes now, and his cheek resting on the hard wood was beginning to hurt him. He raised his head and gently massaged the cheek while yawning. His eyes widened in shock after seeing the time on the glass clock in the kitchen.

The sun was so strong that Jin had a hard time staying in one place for more than a few seconds. His feet were still hurting as bad, but he had decided to go out, even if his feet had to be amputated after that. He did not come to be treated as good for nothing, let alone by this young man he didnt even know. With a very determined face he walked towards the sounds coming from the field.

He slowed down his steps as he approached the four young men who were talking next to the wooden fence, with a plastic cup in their hands. He coughed.

"No, we swear Kazuya, we have just stopped for awhile, for the first time since we have come this morning" cried the smallest of them. They turned in unison and faced a smiling Jin.

"Ah, you scared us, I thought we'd be scolded" added the smallest. He had a working-coat four times bigger than his size and wore a cap he had carelessly put a reverse. His smile was rising to his ears as he raised his hand in greeting. The other three looked at him with curious eyes and Jin looked down. One of them approached him and gave him a welcoming hand.

"You have to be the new guy. I'm Yuichi Nakamaru, but just call me Yuichi. The little bald one is Koki, Junno is the dancer, and the depressive guy is Tatsuya." the young man's smile made Jin will to laugh, but he restrained himself looking at so friendly face.

"Oi, big nose, you're cute but we are big enough to introduce ourselves, ok?" Koki or 'the little bald' as Yuichi introduced him, said with a threatening voice. Seeing that Jin visibly trembled, he smiled again, scratching the back of the skull.

"I'm Tanaka Koki, and I'm not small." He turned to Yuichi who looked up into the air pretending to whistle. The two other young men had raised their cups and approached Jin.

"Taguchi Junnosuke, delighted to meet you and good luck!" His smile was even bigger than his face, noted Jin silently shaking his head. He then turned his head toward the last of them.

"Ueda Tatsuya, amuse yourself well here." added the last guy ironically. Jin felt that this young man was someone who noone would ever really know, as the mystery he exuded was even palpable.

Jin spoke.

"Ok, ok, well I'm Akanishi Jin." And he bowed.

He got up and saw the four men ran quickly and was pretending to work. Koki had grabbed a shovel and pretended to remove non-existent weeds, while Yuichi and Junno were picking up wooden logs with false playful smiles on their faces. Tatsuya was left in the barn ... and he stroked gently a cow. Jin watched them without understanding what’s going on before he heard someone coughed behind him. He turned slowly, suspecting what was coming. He found himself facing a maddened Kazuya. He tried all the same approach.

"I .. I just .."

He had no time to finish as Kazuya walked past him without listening, going after the four young men trying to escape Kazuya’s wrath. He turned and felt the anger rising in him but decided to ignore it and set off towards the house. Calm, he had to stay calm. Kazuya turned around and looked at him going to the house before stopping next to the others who did their best to make him believe they were working.

"I don’t believe it, I'm out for some five minutes and then I find you have nothing to do. And Tat-chan stop caressing the cow!" Kazuya spoke, while rubbing his forehead with a hand.

Koki turned towards him.

"Hey Kame, where the new one is gone to?"

"I don’t know anything .."

He puffed.

"I'll be back. And if I see even single of you again doing nothing ..."

He was heading towards the house when the four "Yes boss" rang in the middle of the farm.


Jin threw his boots in the hall and then went to his room. He was just so close to wrap up his affairs in his bag and leave. Despite what his father or others might think, he came in order to learn something (which could at least be delighting for him) and not to be treated like a moron. Facing the ignorance of Kazuya, he felt his will was vanishing, this will to prove he was not good for nothing had gone as quickly as it came when he saw the young man passed him without a single look. Lying on the bed Jin felt that this kind of behavior had hurt him more than he wanted to admit. He closed his eyes and with a long expiration he placed an arm over his eyes. He was going to amuse himself during his stay.

He was ready to fall back to sleep when he heard someone knock on his door. He got up quickly and whispered a brief "enter" while lowering his head and rubbing his temples.

The gentleness shown in the voice surprised Jin, who raised his head towards the person he least expected to see.

"Are you okay?" repeated Kazuya who was at the doorstep and looked at him conscionably. He played with the handle of the door, visibly uncomfortably. When Jin didn’t answer he continued.

"If you’re about to crack so easily, you shouldn’t had come until the .."

The tone had changed so had the look and Jin had no time to think, when he found himself thrown at the farmer and pushed him against the corridor wall that faced the room, knocking down a table. Jin breathed quickly, he felt his heart panic, he had risen too fast and was dizzy but he could not help it. His mind told him to drop everything and leave, but the look that Kazuya had right now, was a look he had never seen, and it was much more than impassive, it was ... dead.

"Obviously you're as glad to see me here just as I am, so it would be best to avoid each other. I would talk to the boss and I would say that I would work only with him, but don’t worry, I will forget to tell him about a little shit with lack of power that was thinking he could play with me. Above all I wouldn’t do you a pleasure to leave. "

Jin was sure he was proud of what he had said, but strangely he didn’t feel better. Kazuya didn’t respond, he remained there, arms on both sides of his body, lowering his look, maintaining his eyes wide open as not a single trait of his face moved. Jin felt stabbed painfully, and for a moment he fancied a tiny bit of sadness in the eyes of Kazuya, a sentiment that seemed hidden under thick layers of rough attitude and coldness. Jin saw just this sadness, and he almost wanted to not have said the words he said awhile ago, but if it wasn’t due to his pride supporting him at this view, he would have excused himself a million times. Instead he let of the young man and left his room, slamming the door.

Kazuya felt slightly falling to the ground and took his head between his hands, saying nothing. He knew beforehand what was going to come for him.


16h30 ... so he slept till that time?

Jin let out a yawn as he rubbed his eyes, trying to escape from fatigue that was far too present. He stretched and then felt all the bones of his skeleton squeaked, snatching a sigh of happiness. He got up and went to the window where he leaned. It was still beautiful, and wheat was wearing so attractive color while in the distance he could see a machine stopping. If Jin had a camera with him, he would probably shot the landscape around him. Contrary to what he thought he had not been wrong in imagining the farm. 'Just like I have seen in movies' Jin thought with a triumphant smile. A gust of wind came whipping his face then, finishing the waking up. Jin while thinking of this disastrous day sat down on his bed with a long sigh.

What was the problem of that Kazuya? Why his behavior was always the opposite of the one that was expected? For Jin everything was clear: either the young man had a great spirit of contradiction, or he had bipolar disorder. Jin was reluctant to leave his room, and anyway he didnt even know what to do or what to say if he would face the young man. He didnt know if he could still face him after what he had done, and especially after what he had said. He slapped himself mentally for having so many scruples and rose, deciding that stopping by the toilets would be a good start.


After that he opted for a shower, and more appropriate clothing, Jin left his room timidly, hoping not to see Kazuya exit from a corner and attack him for being so rude. He smiled at this thought, and went automatically to the kitchen where he found no one.

"Well ..." the sigh that succeeded, pointed out that Jin would better take some air, and especially didn’t return back in his room, where he would fall asleep again and then would probably be scolded by Takki for doing nothing. He shuddered at the thought and then put his shoes and went directly towards the exit. The animals were the last thing he wanted to see right now. This evening he didn’t see many people on this side of the city, especially in the periphery, and when the sun was completely down, he opted for a quick return to "home".


When he came all the lights were shut. He took off his jacket and headed for the kitchen where a single plate was placed on the table.

"I doubt that is already cold but if it is not hot enough, the microwave is right there." a voice said behind him. Jin was startled and almost dropped the dish. Kazuya had the ability to surprise him, something he had trouble responding to. He merely nodded. Kazuya disappeared then, just as stealthily as it came.


The okonomiyaki was very good, the gyoza and squash also, Jin noted as he headed towards his room, stroking his belly. He took off his clothes quickly and then threw them into a corner ready to jump right into his bed.

However, in the middle of the night ..

Noise. Oddly Jin heard this sound for nearly half an hour. Chickens? No. ..

The imagination of Jin was working in a velocity of a hundred miles per hour, he who was not really a fan of unidentified sounds in the middle of the night. He would flatten his pillow over his head when he heard nothing. He waited.

Still nothing ...

Jin sighed, no one was coming to murder him in his sleep. As if he was scared anyway.

He could then finally fall asleep ..

On the other side of the house, Kazuya was lying on the ground, trying to regain normal breathing. The many blows he had received in the stomach did not help, and he was sure that his ribs were cracked. He put his forehead against the wall and as each night, silently, he let the sadness came freely, the sadness that was so hard to hide. Strangely, even after what happened, Kazuya found that the moments he could cry were those where he felt better. Some people cry so much so they say they dont have tears anymore tears left. Kazuya wondered how many tears he could still cry before all of them leaving all of his being…and there would be not a single one left.

AN//: Pooor kazu, i know..don't kill takki T_T"..Jin is stupid, that's right XD
thx for reading! comments are love!

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