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[fic] The Simple Life - Chapter 4-


Author: Me >w<

Pairing: Akame / ??/Kame (for now)

Rating: NC – 17

Genre: Romance, Humour, Action (Violence)

Disclaimer : The story is inspired from the drama Last Friends (just a little ) and part of a conversation I had with those pervy Kame addicts: P. The characters are not mine.

Summary: Everyone always tries to hide his true personality. When someone is vulnerable it’s better to wear a mask, to play and overplay, just to prove that everything is fine. This is an encounter between two souls, a man without real purpose and another one whose life is already mapped out.

A.N.: Some scenes may upset and shock you. Violence, rape /cough/ I apologize in advance. I hope you'll like it! Thx to the fabulous
[info]gal_ps for translating this for me! *huggles*.

Prologue & Chapter 1
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3


Chapter 4


While Jin laid on his bed for the last time that day, he could not help but feel the stress rising within him. He had never worked even for a single day in his life, let alone working in a farm. Would he have to deal with animals? Pick up their dirt? He shuddered at that thought. During the meal he asked the owner if there are some other persons in the farm but himself and this Kazuya, he had heard briefly before. The latter had replied that there were four other employees who were in the farm almost every day. Jin did not linger too much on the details of his stay, thinking that the questions should come gradually one by one. Yet he had been tempted to ask this man why did he own a farm while he obviously seemed to be anything but a farmer. Dozing in his bed, Jin fell asleep, prepared to face up the horrors of the farm on the next day.




Oh ... a rooster ....


A rooster?


Jin opened one eye, still unsure of what he had heard. He turned around and took the watch he had left last night on the bedside table made by raw wood. Five o’clock in the morning. Jin thought he would literally fall out of the bed. He laid back on the bed, seeking the sleep he was waken up from by the first cock-a-doodle-doo, imagining the guilty rooster in a cauldron, ready to be devoured. When the rooster calls began again, Jin asked himself seriously whether farmers did own guns. He stood up against his will surprised by the chill that traveled around his spine. The temperature at dawn was something that Jin had never known, he quickly realized, however, he would not enjoy it long before he took the clothes folded neatly on the chair facing the window and scrutinized them. They were rather normal. The clothes combined in black and blue colors and the matching boots were not stained or torn. Jin sighed. He took the towel and the bathing kit from his suitcase, and went towards the bathroom for the morning routine.

He left relatively quick the small room with rustic ambiance. Rubbing his still wet hair, he did his best to dry it, preferring not to go out like that, and especially in this temperature. He made a brief detour to his room where he put down his pajamas and his towel, took the boots and then descended directly to the kitchen where he hoped to find someone. Jin didnt stop to look around the housebefore as he passed by the corridors. Walls covered by driftwood, that was giving spacious dimension to every room and thus each of them looked original. He then stopped before a frame showing the owner with a radiant smile, standing next to a huge machine. He seemed happy to be a farmer, noted Jin silently in his head. He arrived in the kitchen and saw it was empty. He stopped. After debating in his head for a few moments, he opted for the second solution and went to the chairs without making a sound. He didn’t have any time to sit down when he heard footsteps coming toward him.


Takki stopped, surprised to see the young man already awake. He smiled and walked towards the table.


".. The rooster?"


Jin nodded.

Takki began to laugh, laugh that Jin found to be almost contagious.


"I thought the same too ..." he added with his head tilted slightly to the side.


Jin looked at him all along, amazed to see this man in such good spirit at an early time like this. Takki opened a drawer and then pulled out a little Italian coffee maker; everything has been absolutely unknown and new to Jin.

"You drink coffee?" Takki asked his hand ready to put another tablespoon from the black powder in the bottom container. Jin just shook his head looking out the window at the leaves, which as always seemed to have fun in the cold dawn. Lost in thought, he hadn’t noticed the cup filled with steaming liquid that was already before him, beside which a wicker-basket full of pastries accompanied his breakfast. He murmured a little thank you feeling like his body was wrapped in warm and cozy cotton, ready to put him back to sleep any moment too soon. He took the cup in his hands and enjoyed the contact with the hot glass against his cold hands. Takki started talking.


"Today I have an important appointment with one of our, hopefully, future customers. I must leave for Shiroishi in a half an hour. If all goes well, I'd be back before the end of the night. I am sorry for not being able to help today because I had some more things to show you but it does not matter now, employees will come at seven, and you can go see how they are managing the work. You even will be able to give them a helping hand. "


Jin looked up. For an answer he gave out a brief "yes, okay" before taking a sip of the liquid, he hoped would wake him up. He was about to continue when he remembered something. Wasn’t there also the so called Kazuya in this home? Perhaps he could also help him, as an employee who was scheduled to begin work at seven. With an almost invisible nod of his shoulder, he put the cup and then looked Takki who appeared in deep thoughts. He looked good.


"Ok, Jin-kun, excuse my rudeness, but I'm going to leave, you can visit the farm and see just where everything is placed. Have fun!" With that he left, and a small laughter came out from his lips when he heard Jin growl after his last sentence. Having fun, yes, Jin knew how to do this.


Jin found himself again in peace. He wanted to sleep, but little common sense inside him was nagging not to falter and to go for a walk outside, just to be awоken by whipping of the wind. He grabbed his boots in a slow motion, and put them on.




Jin grinned. The smell in this small barn was anything but pleasant and he quickly passed it by, leaving behind him a small herd of brown and white cows. He started wondering around the field to explore it and after he walked for almost three quarters of an hour he decided to take a quick tour near the animals. Jun then passed to a seemingly empty stable. Looking around he saw the nose of a horse that appeared at the bottom part. Advancing rapidly, he stopped before two single boxes of the stable, where a couple of horses observed him. The smell was no better but Jin convinced himself to be positive. At least the horse was beautiful to watch and had no major udder under his body. He left but had to stop against a rock, on which he sat down. He took off his boots and touched his feet that were aching for nearly half an hour. He massaged them a bit, trying to relieve the pain, he could feel through his socks, where blisters were formed. Seeing that it does not pass, hi sighed and closed his eyes.


"Do they hurt you?"


Jin opened his eyes immediately. He turned around and saw a young man of medium height with mahogany brown hair, with his eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses and a cigarrette at his fingertips. It was difficult for Jin to see what he looked like, and to see the expression on his face. So he took time to answer.


"Ah .. they do actually, yes." confessed he whispering.

"Next time, add another pair of socks." suggested the young man.


Jin found himself once again nodding and looking stupid, before the young man who hadn’t moved a bit. The latter interrupted his thought.


"You have to be the new guy, that arrived yesterday?"


"I'm Kamenashi Kazuya."


Jin stood up with difficulty.


"Akanishi Jin."


The so called Kazuya took his time before removing his glasses, hesitating. When Jin saw him, he could finally put a face matching with the name. He had a thin face, pinched features, nonchalant indeed and seemed normal. Again Jin wondered how someone like that could end as a farmer. He took a new puff from the cigarette before speaking again.


"Did you make a tour around?"

"Yes, almost."

"Can you walk?"

"Yes, almost."


Kazuya put back his glasses.


"Very well, we can begin."



"No, not like that."


Kazuya grabbed the rake and then showed the movements.


"That's what I just did" said Jin while he was mimicking the young farmer.

"No, you just turn around the soil and it’s not good" Kazuya grew impatient, almost throwing the rake over the head of the apprentice farmer.

"And then this is soil, even turned over it just stays back on the earth."

"You're supposed to clean the dead leaves and remove the debris. When it will be time for turning over the soil I will call you, even if we have machines made for that."


Jin retook the rake and started working even worse than what he had done before.

"But what are you doing in here?"

"I removed the dead leaves?"

"No, you’ve almost plowed with the rake ..."

"As long as the leaves are no longer there ..."


Kazuya took away the rake from his hands.


"Stop, stop. If you don’t intend to listen what I say, then you can go. The others will arrive in twenty minutes, and they would take care of you. I have no time to waste with someone who doesn’t know how to pick up a simple pile of leaves "


With that the young man turned back and began briefly to remove the leaves that would prevent him to later plow properly. This space was prepared for planting new trees, and Kazuya would have wanted to do it all in one day. Jin was content to remain there, without reaction and he wondered why these words had affected him more than they should. He hurried back, quickly. Kazuya waited until Jin returned to the house before he stopped for a while and a long sigh escaped his thin lips.


Arriving in the house, Jin took off his boots without caring about the pain in his feet and sat on a small bench in the hall that connected the entrance with the kitchen. He didn’t even know this Kazuya but what he saw gave him no longer wish to know anything. Someone so little patient with him. Jin ruminated. He knew he was worthless and this was also the reason for his coming here.


A day far away from Tokyo, and Jin felt for the first time the emptiness that was created inside him, replaced by the autonomy which bizarrely already weighed him tones.

AN//: sooo ~~ akame!! *runs out* pleaz don't kill me (i feel like everybody want to kill me now..)

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