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[fic] The Simple Life - Chapter 3 -

Author: Me >w<

Pairing: Akame / ??/Kame (for now)

Rating: NC – 17

Genre: Romance, Humour, Action (Violence)

Disclaimer : The story is inspired from the drama Last Friends (just a little ) and part of a conversation I had with those pervy Kame addicts: P. The characters are not mine.

Summary: Everyone always tries to hide his true personality. When someone is vulnerable it’s better to wear a mask, to play and overplay, just to prove that everything is fine. This is an encounter between two souls, a man without real purpose and another one whose life is already mapped out.

A.N.: Some scenes may upset and shock you. Violence, rape /cough/ I apologize in advance.  I hope you'll like it! Thx to the fabulous [info]gal_ps for translating this for me! *huggles*

Prologue & Chapter 1
Chapter 2 

Chapter 3


When Jin arrived, the sun began to hide among the last pink clouds over-shading the city of Sendai.


When he got off the bus, everything seemed new. Jin felt overwhelmed by an euphoria that surprised himself, but the euphoria did fade away when he suddenly remembered where he was supposed to stay.

He turned to the driver intending to pay, but the man stopped him.


"Your father has already taken care of it by himself, before your arrival. This is the address. "


He handed him a blue paper on which a particular address appeared quickly.


"You have to reach this location ALONE"


The old man in a dark blue suit had smiled a little when he saw Jin opening and closing his mouth, just like a fish left too long out of water. He obviously didn’t know what to say. The young man then gathered himself and bowed quickly.


"Thank you, I should get there. Bye. "


Jin took his luggage and then looked around, seeking any indices for the right destination. It was not too late, but the street was far from crowded ones. He turned again and passed by a conbini which seemed deserted. The heat was everywhere, and Jin wondered if this famous firm had even fans. When he entered, he heard a low "Irrashaimase". He approached the old lady who was slumped in her chair.


"Hello, I was wondering if you can help me to find out this place?” stammered the young man.


The old lady stared him for a moment, then rose, taking the paper. The surprise was evident on her face when she saw the address that was noted,


"Oh, but what a young man like you would go to a place like this for?" she replied with her eyes suddenly wide open.


''A young man like me?” Jin wondered inwardly. What was so special? Then it was just a farm, that had not more than five years.


"I will work over there, ma'am," explained he with a little enthusiasm. The mouth of the old lady formed an O as she sat down, leaving the piece of paper on the little bar that separated the two. A silence settled suddenly plunging Jin into what seemed like an interminable wait. He then looked around at the combini. It seemed so small, but it contained innumerable packages, boxes and other supplies.


Young man, you're not so far away of it”


Jin turned his head towards the old lady who had just risen.

"It's very simple. Just follow this road to the end then turn right and go again until the end. The streets are not long here young man, you should get there on foot." She then sat down with a tired look, indicating the young man she was no more open to conversation.


"Thank you very much" Jin said quickly before leaving the store and thus being engulfed by warmth that almost made him fall to sleep. He walked slowly through the streets. His head filled with questions jostled, all unanswered questions. He passed a lot of small shops just like the one in which he had entered earlier. The path seemed endless in this city where he knew noon and nothing. He finally arrived at the single sign where you could read "Sumire Farm" on the grey building wall. He stopped to watch the building. He looked like a shed seen from behind and we could see some machines on a field of quite large proportions. The building was also decorated with two line of blue paint whose color was old, and was framing the name of the farm.


He entered slowly and heard a bark that startled him.


"Shut up! "


Jin turned surprised toward the voice. The person was visibly smaller than him and had a look that was hard to decipher. His face was graceful, but it seemed so tense. He was breathless. Jin came up a bit, dragging his heavy suitcase behind him.


"Hi, I'm Akanishi Jin, I'm supposed to work on your farm, I hope I’m not mistaken the place" he ended with an embarrassed smile. The other man smiled.

"Good evening. No, you’re not mistaken. You are here, but we expected you just a little later. I’m Hideaki Takizawa, the owner of the farm. We should enter in the house, you must be tired of having all the way from Tokyo." replied the owner.

"Yes, thank you," said Jin with a smile. He was probably very lucky to avoid being dropped on a toothless old man. He followed the young man who wore a sleeveless black shirt and blue work pants, dark holes in some places, and sewed patches on others.


The farm was rather enormous and Jin passed by large garden with bright green grass where three cows seemed to enjoy their dinner. The machines he had never seen were stored on his right and Jin wondered if he would have to learn to handle them. He smiled at this thought, the gear is his thing, at least, that was what he thought. He finally crossed a small road that separated a 3-storey house from a big hangar where apparently lived many animals.



"Well, here it is. I prepared a room for you," explained the smallest one.

"Thank you, and lets not be so official you can call me Jin" Jin thanked with a big smile. Mention of a bed had particularly attracted his attention.

"Oh, well the dinner will be served in about an hour, when Kazuya finishes his work. Oh and call me Takki it’s shorter "added the host with a shake of the head.

"Thank you" hastened to say Jin, who was amazed at the kindness of the rather cute owner.

"One last thing, the bathroom is on the second floor down the hallway your room is at third, first door on the right." offered Takki turning to another room.




He laid with his full length on the bed. He could finally stretch his muscles all strained by the journey and almost fell asleep. He watched the room from his bed. It was rather cosy one but it sorely was lacking the design that had his room in Tokyo. The walls were beige and there where hanging some paintings of landscapes, probably in Sendai. The bed was large but with a normal size, leaving room for Jin to spread himself comfortably. Feeling he would soon fall asleep, he jumped up and opened his suitcase, leaving the garments. He needed a good shower, and a fresh one if possible.


The stairs to the second floor were wooden, and Jin asked himself if they would not break under his weight, he who had such a pretty name “Fatjin”. Once downstairs he followed the corridor and passed by three ebony colored doors. It was time to refresh.




"He arrived .."


"He will come down in an hour"

"... "


Takki approached the young man, who was just coming out of the bathroom after another long working day.


"Okay" was the only answer to the younger one


When Takki put his hand on his shoulder, he jumped a little. He turned to meet the chestnuts eyes of the older one. He began to tremble.


"Are you afraid of me .. Kazuya? "

"... "

"Answer me .. "


Kazuya tried to get rid of the hand that gripped his shoulder strong.


"Get off of... me .. " attempted he with a whisper.


For one answer, a slap was resounding in the bedroom on the first floor of the house. Kazuya was on the floor and was shaking again. He trembled as always when he thought love would exceed the limits, he trembled whenever he heard that tone, whenever he was alone with him. Kazuya had a life full of tremblings behind him. He was about to get up when he felt a hand from behind drawing his hair forcing him to rise faster. He then faced a gaze that seemed to follow him, forever.


"Why are you not listening? " asked Takki with a pleading voice.

"... "


Another blow.


"You have no right to do that Kazuya you hear me, you're mine …" He said in a voice that suggested insanity had prevailed over the sanity.

"Why avoid me when you can get no where to go? " added in a higher tone


Another blow.


"I'll always say not to do that, listen to me, but every day you do whatever you decide in your head and then you know what will happen .. "


Then another blow.


"Do not force me to do that Kazu .. "

".. You have to appreciate the air,,, yet .. "


Yet another blow.


"Shut up! "


Kazuya was back down and he could feel every blow still inked into his skin full of marks. He was holding belly but refused to let the tears flow. He knew, however, they would soon arrive, cascade, just as always. He waited for them and in fact it was not long before tey started falling. Kazuya felt again raised to the bed where he was throw at. He knew what was coming, but what made his tears to run more from his eyes is the fact that he could have done nothing to prevent it. Takki was always a reason to get to here, and this for almost for 3 years. He had tried so hard to free himself without success. He seemed alone, he was alone, and each time he thought this, he wondered why he was still alive. He wondered if the only reason why it came into the world was to be treated like the animals he handled each day. He wondered if he should stop everything, instead of feeling die again each day under the blows of this man. He tried to get up but he knew he could not rise again, as always. He knew he would still face a new death, the death he has been witnessing every evening and every night. When he felt his clothes removed one by one, he could only pray that everything would stop.




Jin came whistling out of the shower, where had spent nearly three quarters of an hour and he had enjoyed every second of it. He slowly descended the stairs when he heard a noise, light but present. He paused. Nothing. He then continued his way, almost sure he heard something. When he returned to his room, he dressed in a hurry and then brushed his hair tangled by the harsh treatment he had inflicted earlier in the bathroom. He took a deep breath before going out, looking tired. He arrived at the hall fast enough, then heard a noise on his right. Walking up there slowly, he faced Takki serving the table at full speed.


"I'm sorry ... I fell asleep." he said with a smile enlightening his whole face. Just like he was connected in the charger plug.


"It’s OK." whispered Jin who was surprised by the enormous size of the kitchen. The furniture was old, made solely from wood and seemed unique. Everything was on the right place, with a shining surface, that warmed up the atmosphere for giving the cosy feeling for a very welcoming and very nice kitchen.


"Please sit down, it we will be only the two of us tonight." offered Takki to Jin, while serving a second dish on the table.


"Ah?" demanded the sitting young man.


"Yeah, today I don’t think Kazuya is in a mood for eating"

AN : please don't kill meeeee!!!!! *hids* Ok, now you know who's the meanie XD I'm posting this now coz well, i'm writing chapter 9 now, but the update won't be as fast as now, sorry :3 so Please enjoy!!!


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